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Surprise Surprise – we’re screwed

October 18, 2012

Hey. Remember that feel-good, weepy Sunday-night family viewing show? The one with the funny, toothy lady who warbled a helluva lot at the beginning (and then again at the end when you were all weepy)? The one that was sort-of a cross between Beadles About and Jim’ll Fix It?

You haven’t seen it for 15 years but now… HERE IT IS! Back, on the telly again!

Except this time it’s with shouty Holly Willoughby. (I’m really hoping she sings the theme tune…). Maybe it’s because I last watched Surprise Surprise when I was a youngun, but it did seem that, back then, it was all very innocent. People (usually older ladies) who had always wanted to meet a certain person (usually a younger male), a child who had done something really brave and got treated to a trip to LEGOland, or a twin who hadn’t seen his brother in 30 years. But that was before we got cynical, right?

How is it going to work in 2012 now you can chat to your heroes on Twitter, find long-losties on Facebook, or pop on a game show and become a Sleb yourself? Is LEGOland enough when there’s a shiny computer console at home? (Answer: it had better be or there’ll be no desert!).

I’m slightly concerned that Holly might not get much appreciation with baking a cake for Gary Barlow or being serenaded by the Bee Gees (yes. I know). Maybe she’ll surprise people with “Hey! Actually, you **will** be allowed your disability allowance!” or “That whole NHS cuts thing? Surprise Surprise!” maybe even “Hey, it’s your uterus! Surprise Surprise, we’re going to let YOU decide on what happens to it!” Maybe this is just a massive smokescreen for Cameron’s u-turns from now on. Either way, I’m starting to worry that the renewed Surprise Surprise will only serve to highlight just how screwed we are.

Buuuuuttt… We’re getting political. Let’s not do that. Instead, let’s think of some other 80s/90s big weekend TV we want back.

Does anyone remember The Interceptor?


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