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BMTV’s X Factor drinking game

August 20, 2010

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Yes, it’s the return of the BMTV drinking game (or a post that’s piss easy, and quick to do).

This time it’s the X Factor, which slinks onto the stage, lifts its horse-face at the spot light, opening it’s pouting, lipglossed-slicked mouth ready to belt out yet another fucking Mariah number tomorrow evening. Summer is officially over – the ‘race’ to Xmas Number One is on (for race, see four-month-long advert).

So, take a sip every time…

> Someone says that this year’s X Factor is going to be bigger and better

> Any of the contestants say they’re doing it for “their mum/aunt/dead dog”

> Someone says they’re “putting their heart and soul” into it

> An over-confident non-talent gets shot down and storms off, claiming, “this isn’t the last you’ll see of me”

> Cheryl is introduced as “Cheryl Tweedy”

> A chubby child who can’t sing auditions…

> …and fails to get thru

> …and then their parents have a go at Cowell

> A band name is ironic (eg The Stunners)

> One of Louis’/Cowell™’s scary stalkers auditions

> Some past boybander auditions. Fails. Cheryl cries

> Cheryl does her “I’ve been here before” act

> One of the judges storms off

> It looks like the day is going badly, then someone amazing comes in

Down your drink if…

> Joe McElderry’s coming out is mentioned

> They show Geri Spice getting booed

> Cowell™ makes a bitchy reference to Louis’ sexuality

> Dani makes a homophobic/racist/sexist/anythingist comment


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