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Get her out!

October 13, 2009

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dannii-minogue-496085552Surely the point isn’t whether or not Dannniiiiii Minogue’s comment last Saturday was homophobic or not, it’s that she had absolutely no right to discuss Danyl/Daniel’s sexuality live on TV, when the poor guy hasn’t even come out (yet).

“If we’re to believe what’s in the papers,” she said, “there was no need to switch the gender reference.”

Well if we’re to believe what’s in the papers, Dannniiiiiii, you clearly would rather have been back in Puss N Boots watching canoodling with a female lap dancer, or at the other end of a botox needle, or under the surgeon’s knife or hating Cheryl Cole. Etc etc etc.

Glass houses, Dannii, glass houses.

It’s not even as if his being or not being gay (straight, bi or whatever) has anything to do with his performing abilities. Her half-arsed apology the following night merely drew attention to her embarrassment – even as she said it the first time, she knew she’d cocked up. And Simon’s very clever ‘mishearing’ only forced her into a corner to repeat it again, thus making her look even more of an arsehole. It just goes to show that Dannii is absolutely under qualified to judge X Factor, if all she can muster for commentry is a pointless ‘joke’ she had no business making.

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  1. October 14, 2009 4:35 pm

    I saw this too madge and thought it was very weird, tasteless and completely inappropriate.

    I’d still quite like to shag her though.

    so – swings and roundabouts then …

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