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Uniform fashion

June 25, 2009

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uniformNo doubt you’ll have seen this already, but I just wanted to ad my tupp’ny bit on this awesome project. Yes it’s fashion and therefore automatically unworthy to you boring  culture snobs out there, but if you put down yer Morrisey album and look past the shallowness for a bi, you’ll maybe see how creative Sheena Matheiken is being – finding and styling a new outfit every day using only donated items (plus the One dress). Hopefully you’ll see the brilliance behind it.

At first I didn’t like the idea of a uniform for all. It brought 1984-images into my head. But then I saw it’s actually giving you more freedom to create and express your individuality. Having a more limited wardrobe means you have to work your artistic muscles harder, making sure you really get to the depths of who you are, and express it clearer.

I’m bowled over by how innovative her idea is. Most people would just wear the same dress and look like they’re wearing… the same dress. And yes, sometimes (on less creative days!) she does. But most of the time, I think you’ll see that most outfits are different. Whether it’s with layering or the different uses of colour, texture, length – or just plain crazy…! I’m amazed at how versatile and fresh her ideas are. It’s certainly made me readress my wardrobe, and indeed buying habits. Plus, it’s for a damned good cause.

Think I’ve linked to enough outfits? I just wish I had that killer dress, dagnammit!

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