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Oh, Brother

June 3, 2009

Bb10_eyeThe tenth series of Big Brother launches tomorrow. Ten years. It’s strange to think of a summer when the Big Brother theme didn’t waft out of neighbours’ living rooms. When headlines didn’t scream ‘Big Bro Love Rat Has Tiny Chippolata’ or to be able to judge someone in a second on what they thought of Carol last year. It’s funny how nowadays one reality show blends seamlessly into another. Big Brother, then I’m a Celeb, followed by X Factor, then back to Celeb BB, then Britain’s Got Talent, The Apprentice and then back to BB again. Phew! It’s hard to imagine, not only a time when BB didn’t exist, but also when it seemed to be the only reality show out there.

Anyway, enough of that stuff. I’ll be out tomorrow night, but that won’t stop my annual Launch post. Here’s the BMTV Big Brother 10 drinking game:

Inmates – have a shot every time one of these enters the house…
The Fat One
The Fit One (chavvy)
The Fit One (classy)
The Controversial One
The Camp One
The Posh One
The Old One
The Boring One
The Freak
The Comedian
The Ladies Man
The One Who You Either Love or Hate

davina_zombieAnother shot every time you hear the following phrases in their audition tapes…
What you see is what you get
I’ll really stir it up in the house
If someone annoys me, I’ll tell them straight away
I’m looking for love, and hope to find it in the house

General – a shot every time one of these happens…
Davina gets a little bit too excited about the house 
The fit one gets booed for no reason (or just for being bland)
A housemate takes so long getting into the house, they get booed
A housemate can’t work out how to get into the house
You see a “Davina, will you marry me” placard in the crowd
A housemate enters the house wearing something ridiculous and then has to spend a period of time without a change of clothes
A housemate forgets another’s name almost straight away

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