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November 10, 2008

laura1“I don’t know what went wrong tonight,” said Simon Cowell on Saturday’s X Factor, “It was a joke.”

You said it, Cowell. But then he started this whole fallacy when he brought up the issue of Laura’s image*. As the other judges barked back at him at the time, the X Factor is meant to be a singing competition, not a ‘who’s-got-the-best-branch-of-Topshop-on-their-doorstep challenge. But with image held in high regard, and sob story upon hideous sob story, this is what we’re now left with. Style over substance.

rachelscreenAnyone who watched Saturday’s show will agree that Rachel sang out of tune throughout the whole song. Yes, she was emotional but that doesn’t excuse the fact that not one not was in tune. She also shouts through all her songs instead of singing – which is worse than just being a bit flat. She looked terrible having decided to style herself that week, having fired her mentor in a massive diva-strop, and stared out into the audience like a pitbull with a chilli up its arse. And did the judges mention this god-awful singing? Hell no – because she cried.

When Daniel was in the final two a few weeks back, Louis saved him because he dedicated the song to his dead wife and then looked a little bit tearful afterwards. What a load of bollocks. If these people had any dignity whatsoever, they’d keep their personal lives separate from their careers. If they had any faith in their abilities as singers at all they’d rely on that and not on cheap shots at heartstrings.

X factor might have been about talent in the days of Leona Lewis. And I genuinely believe that. She’s the only good thing that has come out of these reality, voting programmes. But now, The X Factor is a competition where a woman with no talent can moan and shout tunelessly through a rendition (if it can be described as such) of Against All Odds (oh the irony) and stay in, while uber-talent like Laura gets the boot. Yes, Ruth stormed the sing-off with her Knocking on Heaven’s Door, but neither girl deserved to be in the bottom two. Those places are reserved for Daniel and Rachel until they’re out as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, I’m seething. Can you tell I’m seething?

NB: Diana – no one’s saying she wasn’t ill or owt, but surely someone should have suggested she took her make-up off before being filmed ill in bed? Just a thought.

*Although I do think he was hinting at her dire orange make-up and frosted pink lipstick, but hey ho.

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  1. November 10, 2008 1:16 pm

    They should’ve got rid of Diane for being ill. Pop stars aren’t allowed to be ill.

    Pretty much every act was out of tune on Saturday. Out of the final two, I’m glad Laura went because that wannabe Amy Winehouse attempt at a singing voice wound me up good and proper.

    Daniel’s rendition of Don’t Leave Me This Way is already an all time classic.

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