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BMTV’s obligatory Madge/Guy divorce post

October 16, 2008

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know by now that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are to divorce. Woah, didn’t see that one coming. Kudos to both for making it last as long as they did. Seriously, I’m not sure who deserves some kind of medal more.

But oh, how I howled with laughter this morning when GMTV (after drooling over the details of the divorce – Madge slagged Guy off at her concert last night apparently, how much of a fortune will each get? What’s to happen to the kids) Fiona (or whichever one it was, they all look the same) sighed and said, “I do feel for them at this stressful time. Must be awful to be doing this in the spotlight… They’ve asked for as little media scrutiny as poss.”
“But of course, we’ll be delving into it for months and months!” said Andrew Castle before realising his mistake – “Because of… er… the papers, of course…”

Only GMTV can make hypocrisy into a classic comedy moment.

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