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Enders Paedophile storyline

September 19, 2008

This was touted as something brave, something that would be handled really sensitively, but I’m just a bit bored to be honest. The actress playing the 15-year-old Whitney is apparently 18 years old (and looks it, especially with all that make-up on) plus since her introduction, her character has taken on the role almost of second mother to her brood of siblings. Suddenly we’re expected to believe that she’s a young victim?

And because as viewers, we’ve not seen any kind of initial grooming (which would have been really gripping), the story is being played out as more of an affair, than rape. Yet again, the Enders writers show that they just don’t have the balls (or the talent?) to do something properly challenging. Creating a grooming storyline would have been mighty tricky, and instead, the Enders scribes are playing it safe with a fully fledged back story in place. Dull.

Add to that Patsy Palmer’s dire acting – how is it possible for an actress to have actually got worse in the time she was away? – the screeching and the moaning, and I can’t just be arsed any more. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m this close to abandoning the show altogether.

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