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Stop moving. Like, right now

August 15, 2008

A good while ago, I hailed Sonny Jim’s Can’t Stop Moving; I said it would be a massive summer hit one day. Well, I hate to come over all smug now (as it’s being touted by Radio One and er… GMTV as the big summer thing this year), not because it took so fecking long to get released and I was starting to feel like a bit of an eejet, but mainly because the mix they’re releasing it utter shite.

Of course, this is more than likely because of some kind of legal/rights issue with the Jacksons, but Sonny J (as he’s now called) takes the back seat for the song, using one of those faceless blondes who just mime along. Where’s the wicked 70s-style Jackson cartoon we knew and loved? Where’s the cheeky nod to that awesome sample? Instead there’s a horribly re-recorded version that’s then tweaked and vocoded (get me! I did pick something up from Future Music after all, eh?!) and god knows what else, so that it sounds more and more like that horrendous Cher song than a modern-classic, Jackson-inspired chooooon…

Sadly, there’s nothing on YouTube yet (they were on GMTV this morning, the blonde chav gurning away as she mimed and smiled her vacuous smile) so I can’t show you quite how awful it is. Instead, I shall mourn the loss of one of my favourite tunes ever by flagging it up for y’all again. When you next hear the new version (released early Sept if you *must*) do spare a thought for the one that got away…

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  1. August 19, 2008 5:31 pm

    ATV IDENT!! Also, top tune; what a shame it’s been ruined.

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