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A Midnight marvel

June 14, 2008

OK, bear with me because I’m about to say something a bit controversial. I really – REALLY – liked tonight’s Who. In fact, I not only liked it, I thought it was one of the best of this series so far. I know, I know. I haven’t been RTD’s biggest fan, but of late I’ve come to realise that his scripts weren’t, shall we say, as up to par as some mainly because he’s just such a busy bunny. Imagine having not only Dr Who to organise and write and create and that, but also Torchwood, The SJ Chronicles, the cartoon spin-off – not to mention all the other media bollocks to attend to, etc. No wonder his writing muscle had got a tad on the podgy side.

But no more. With marvellous timing – just as Moffat’s succession is announced – RTD goes and smashes the ball out of the park with this little belter. Midnight was a taut, gripping, absolute thriller of an episode, that’s reminiscent of such disturbing nail biters as Event Horizon (which fecked me up good and proper to the extent that I can’t even watch it anymore without freaking out). The Donna-light ep (shame) takes place more or less in one place, with long scenes cut together, rather like a one-act play. Oooh, I love a one-act play, me…

Interesting how RTD played with the subject of pack mentality, the worst of human nature – fear of the different; of anything that goes against the norm. If we don’t understand it, we must destroy it. It’s real moral panic stuff and is a clear lament on the way this country could be heading (or indeed is at, in fact) perfectly. Such a brave theme – no clear monster in the sense of a Dalek or Cyberman. The monster is within all of us. I’m rather liking political (as opposed to ranting) RTD. Not liking Tennant’s continued gurning. Someone please tell him to stop – his “Weeeeelllll” outbursts *are* hilarious, but you could have a drinking game to the number of “Weeeellllls” in this ep and get quite merry indeed.

Oh, and am I the only one that can’t really be bothered with Rose coming back (scuse the obvious groaner – it really wasn’t intentional)? In fact, it’s not that I’m not bothered, I actually don’t want her to come back. I think she’s best left in the past/other dimension/universe/costume drama. I’m loving the Tate/Doctor combo – they have such energy together and bounce off each other perfectly – and I think throwing Rose into the mix would really disturb things. It was different with Martha because she’d changed and had come to terms with her Doctor issues. Plus, Martha’s cool; she dealt with the new companion thing. Rose will freak. And I can’t be arsed with more gurning and wailing.

So, all in all, this has to be one of my fave eps of the series so far. And I love it even more because RTD has proven me wrong. Well done, sire. I seem to be apologising and taking things back a lot these days – but I’m not going to apologise now. I never said he was shite (if memory serves – feel free to prove me wrong if you can be arsed to search the archive) merely that I knew he could do better and that he should leave it to others who have more time to create masterpieces. But this was certainly one. And although it’ll be a shame to see him leave the series, I’m glad he’ll now have more time to make more marvels.

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