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June 2, 2008

The wondrous Woo has tagged me to blog about ‘What revelations have you had since taking up your writing career?’ – something that has never happened to me before (the tagging) and I’m chuffed and honoured that Woo has taken my tag virginity.

I blogged on the Badger Diary a while ago about my advice for budding journos. It was something (a bit wank) I wrote ages ago just after I joined my current place of work after a load of younguns emailed me for advice. I’ve added stuff on to it over the years – stuff about freelancing from a frustrated prod ed’s point of view! – so that might go some way to answering the question I suppose.

See, I’m also going through a bit of a downer on the old career of late so I’m rather struggling to find something inspirational. It happens every few months where I suddenly decide I should do something that will earn me more money (or teach) but I always end up burying my head and staying put. I also wonder if, because I’ve only been in FT employ since 2004, I’m experienced enough to have had any kind of amazing revelation yet!

But here they are. Sorry they’re crap.

Revelation one
It’s nothing like it was in training.

Revelation two
The money is crap. No rilly.

Revelation three
Being an editor is miserable.

Revelation four
You’ll have to question your integrity/morals/etc at least once an issue.

Revelation five
Lazy bosses who can’t do their job *will* try to hide behind more talented individuals (and then try and get them fired when the shit hits the fan).

Revelation six
You’ll always have an active social life if you want one.

Revelation seven
The perks can be amazing.

Revelation eight
At the right mag with the right people, you’ll never be bored.

I tag Jayne and Dave

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