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Star Wars for Girls

May 29, 2008

Leia, Luke, Han and Obi WanWent to see Indy (again*) at the cinema last with Main Squeeze (there, I said it – happy now?!) and loved, loved, LOVED seeing all the girlies filing in to SATC in the next door screen. Due to ‘conflicting work schedules’ my girls and I are waiting til next week to see it (plus we hope it’ll be less packed by then, but judging on Indy a week on, I very much doubt there’ll be room for all the poofy dresses we intend on wearing. But hey ho).

Muchos impressed with the effort us girls go to for what is essentially a bit of nostalgia. “It’s like Star Wars for girls!” said Main Squeeze. Ha! I love that. I love that we can have something just as geeky (but actually cool, OK?) to get obsessed over. Some seminal moment in cinema where all us girls go just a bit wibbly over Carrie’s corsage (perhaps the SW equivalent of the X-wing – cute, and a nice bit on the side, but not the main event) or that stunning wedding dress (what else but the Millennium Falcon?).

Where boys dressed as Storm Troopers and Lukes, we’re streaming into the cinema, our nails polished and hair glossy like Charlotte, or shaggy and tied up like Carrie. Where boys dragged their Leia-look-a-like girlies into HMV to get the box set, we’ll gently coax our men into Mr Big-style suits or Steve-type t-shirts and ‘sweat pants’.

Then the merchandising! There’ll be dolls – sorry, action figures – Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly versions (featuring Manhattan streets, bars and cafes naturally), box sets, re-touched versions, director’s cuts, editor’s cuts, fashion director’s cuts… Maybe Simon Pegg will even pop up and argue with Kevin Smith about whether Aiden really *was* the right man for Carrie all along, or about why, when Charlotte finally got her perfect dream, it wasn’t nearly as right for her as imperfection… Hmmm…

Anyway, I’ve just realised what a hugely sexist post this is. Of course, there are female Star Wars fans (me for one) *and* a boyfriend of a certain friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous – unless of course he wants to come clean) owns all six seasons of SATC on box set. They’re his. Not my mate’s. This should be celebrated; more blokes should watch the show, after all where else will your girlfriend gladly sit with you while you watch women talking about (and doing) naughty sex, hmmm? Of course there are exceptions, but I do love that after 20 or so years of watching the boys dribble over the latest silver box set, we can now dress up and celebrate all that is geeky in female-dom: clothes, clothes and more clothes (and then some accessories thrown in for good measure).

I’ll er… get my Marchesa coat (golden bikini)…

*Incidentally, it does very well on a second viewing. Really enjoyable. Still not happy with the finale, but willing to forgive and forget.

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  1. Fizzwhizz permalink
    May 29, 2008 2:22 pm

    Let’s hope then that it is a Return of the Jedi and not an Attack of the Clones. And there really should be a feminine version of the word ‘seminal’.

  2. May 29, 2008 2:30 pm

    Our equivalent would be er… Overall?????


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