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May 13, 2008

Ooh, I do hope this turns out OK as it’d be Very Good News, I think. If the powers that be *have* to do a remake, then I’d rather have Willis saying The Line and sucking on a cigar than any of those others that were apparently tipped for the role (oops, there I go giving my opinion about casting again, when I promised I wouldn’t. Sorry).

An odd night tonight for me. It’s the first evening when I haven’t had anything planned (even just popping to the shop) straight after work in a *long time*. It used to be my almost-daily routine for years: up, work, home, telly, bed. But of late, for obvious reasons, I’ve wanted to be out of the flat as much as poss. It’ll be weird to settle into my old routine again, but necessary I think (if not for my wallet at least!)

So tonight it’s The Wondrous Hollyoaks, Enders, Gok, Ramsey, SATC premiere. Done.

Expect full bloggage tomorrow.

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