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Return of the Badger

May 7, 2008

Honey, I’m hoooommmeeee…!

Oh good, you’ve been here all along. Great. Well thanks for waiting for me. I must say I’ve really missed you.

Let’s get to it with a traditional BMTV The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Oh, but first and foremost, I must big up Dave my new editor (ooooh, get her). Dave will be uploading BMTV from now on (so big thanks to him), as I am unable due to not having pesky broadband (or t’internet at all) at home. Yes, I know. First she doesn’t even have Freeview, now the World Wide Web has gone. How can she review (is that what I’m doing?) TV shows when she’s only got four channels and no iPlayer?

Ha I say. Ha!

The Good
Er… Actually, you’ve got a point. Because thanks to my New Single Lifestyle™ I’ve actually not been in to watch as much telly. (No, that is a Bad Thing where I’m from). Hence, I’ve caught snippets of The Apprentice on YouTube and have kept up with its happenings from the mighty Mothers (thanks guys) but have yet to see any full ep past episode two. Erk.

Another Good Thing on TV atm, has to be not-so-new-now companion Donna on Dr Who. Oh, how I ranted and raved when I first heard it’d be her traveling in the TARDIS and not Sally Sparrow. But… You know me, guys, I always admit when I’m wrong. No, I do. Rilly. And I was. Wrong that is. Wrong, wrong, wrong… And I’m sorry. Donna’s ace. Brilliant. Excellent. Not at all as shouty as I’d feared and actually really touching to watch. I love how she’s become the heart of the programme, always questioning; always challenging. She’s its conscience. We’re all too used to seeing aliens being blown to smithereens (or should that be Slitheens?) but Donna’s the first to go, “Hang on. This ain’t right,” and that is a Good Thing. Yes, she does cry every. Single. Episode. But hey, turn it into a drinking game (a shot for every minute into the ep she doesn’t cry) and it’d be grins all round.

Is she better than Martha? No. Just *different*, see? And she’s a refreshing change to the constant fawning and doe-eyes we’ve had of late. That scene on Saturday’s Sontaron two-parter where the Doc sacrificed himself but was then saved – Martha ran to him and hugged him. Donna ran over and slapped him one. Classic. And it sums it all up. Great stuff more please.

Oh, and I know I’m going on about it, but I *am* really sorry for slagging off the Tate-meister. After reading this about how Keeley Hawes felt after the mauling she got from Life on Mars fans, I’ve decided to keep my nose out of casting decisions from now on. Well… Maybe I’ll just not be so nasty. Sorry, Tate.

The Bad
Everyone’s going on about how Enders won four awards at the Soap Awards this week. Er… Can I just mention that Hollyoaks nabbed six? That’s more than any other soap at the awards. And no one gives a toss. Well, I do Oaks folk. Well feckin done. And well deserved I think. Enders really needs to step up its game atm. I can’t be arsed to go into it here – mainly because it’s been said so well here – but in short: they need to make up their minds about Stephen (is he good or is he bad? Who cares?); I don’t care about Ricky and Bianca and their hoard of snotty mini chavs (incidentally, wasn’t Liam meant to have been Bianca’s first kid? So why is there an older sister in tow?); I don’t care about Stacey, Claire, Sean, Tanya… Any of them. The only characters that actually engage me at the moment are the two tarts in the Vic. And that’s only because I’m waiting to see how long Janus can last with that constantly pissed expression before Enders chiefs realise that she’s not actually acting.

The Ugly (well… more cringy)
*Hails bandwagon. Jumps on board* Have recently watched the first series of Gavin & Stacey (no, don’t ruin it for me!). Not since The Office have I fallen so deeply in love with a cast of characters. In fact, I’m not sure who I love more, Nessa or Uncle Bryn. That is all.

Thanks for bearing with me guys. It feels great to be back…

BM x

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