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Recharging with The Conscripts

March 21, 2008

To Oxford for the next two weeks to recharge. Y’all know how I hate being prsonal in this blog, but Mr Badger and I have parted company, so I am in Oxford waiting while they finish decorating my new sett (for those inevitable questions: my decision, very messy and stressful).

I love coming back to Oxford. Even though I have recently come to terms with the fact that Bath is actually more beautiful (Oxford’ has let itself go over the years), Oxford is still, and will always be, my home. My reset button. Coming back to Oxford is coming back to the womb and I always feel recharged and more myself afterwards. And I’ve never needed to rediscover who I am again more than now.

 Enough of ramblings about me, and on to last night’s wondrous Conscripts gig at the Jericho Tavern, Oxford. Yes, they’re just another local band with a MySpace page, but they’re more than that. I sat there listening to their lyrics, melodies and juggling of rhythms, intruments and genres and thought, “How is it possible for this to have been created from nothing?” It just floored me. I love how each member of the band are immensely talented in their own field and their own genre of music. There’s hip hop, swing, jazz, blues, pop, funk – even a bit of 90s jungle! But fused together something wondrous is created.

They were ten times better than last time I saw them – good to know that Dan and his decks really are needed! Please please seek them out. Go to a gig and give them some love.

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