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“So f*cking what?” News story of the week

March 11, 2008


I’m so tired of the lazy way the celebrity media make nasty jibes about celeb fashion and beauty mistakes. “Ha ha! Look at her black bra under a white top!” “OMG!!! Her tit tape is showing!!!!” *yawn* Everyone makes mistakes, has moments of “I don’t know what to wear” madness or the odd skirt-tucked-into-knickers mishap. It’s mortifying enough to realise it’s happened without having to see it in print by people who are most probably less well-dressed and lead such dull lives they have to spend it trawling a paparazzi archive of fashion blunders and then bitching about it.
I’m not a Celen Dion fan, but I think she looks great for her age and besides, I doubt any of those who attended her gig could see her face that clearly as she “strutted” during the gig, let alone the (very fine, blonde) hairs on her legs.

And anyway, the Mail article is factually inaccurate (what a surprise!), as she clearly *hasn’t* forgotten to wax her legs – her legs are smooth from the knees down (which is known in the trade as a half-leg wax).

Ms Dion (like 95% of women out there*** I’d be willing to bet) has such fine hair on her thighs that she doesn’t see the point (or expense) in removing them because no one can notice anyway. Not until, that is, you shine a massive, bright light on them, shoot it in close up and then print it in a woman-hating, factually inaccurate, slow-news-day piece of crap.

Who gives a shit? Really?

***Incidentally, any one out there who *does* bother to shave/wax/whatever above their mid thighs, please get in touch.

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