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ITV think we’re the arseholes

March 7, 2008


Oh dear. Not a good week for ITV, eh? First Michael Grade tries to put a brave face on ITV’s 35% loss in revenue by claiming that it’s viewing figures have gone up, then his new hope, Rock Rivals fails dismally in the viewing stakes, pulling in only 3.9 million – beaten by a repeat of Traffic Cops on the Beeb and a repeat of Grand Designs on Ch4. How embarrassing.

But it does make me feel a lot better about the Great British Public™ – perhaps we do have taste after all (although watching a mille-second of Loose Women on my day off today challenges that somewhat).

No, good on us for not allowing ITV to get away with a rip-off of a TV programme that’s now best known for literally ripping its viewers off. Why bother watching a drama of a show about voting for the winner of a talent contest when you can tune into X Factor, which we all (now) know is dramatically engineered by its producers? It’s bad enough anyway that X Factor seems to go on for about half the year anyway, without this dross clogging up the rest of the time. And what makes matters worse is that “Rock Rivals is part of ITV’s bid to claw back some cash in the wake of the phone-in scandals.” So they’re not even trying to hide the fact that Rock Rivals, was meant to claw back money from the same people who got ripped off by X Factor.

Whoever agreed for this to be made needs to be fired forthwith. How patronising, how arrogant of them to think that X Factor viewers would be so moronic as to lap this shite up (as yes, they are morons, but perhaps not as moronic as we may have first thought, even if they did vote for that little Scottish gimp last year). ITV are clearly not on their viewers’ wavelength. They have such disregard for them as consumers that they think this kind of lazy production is acceptable. It’s feckin not and I’m offended and angry to think that they can’t see that – or worse, that they can but they just don’t care.

It’s no wonder quality American dramas like *takes deep breath* Dexter, Damages, Ugly Betty, 24, Lost, Heroes, Brothers and Sisters, CSI, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives et al are stamping all over our British Dramas (with the exception of Dr Who and LoM). This where viewing figures will continue to go if TV execs continue to treat us like monkeys. And it’ll be precisely what they deserve.

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