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Take our hearts outside, leave our lives behind and watch the stars go out

March 6, 2008


As my ex-collegues on Future Music magazine will testify, I’m not really that into music*. My tastes tend to centre around mid-to-late 80s pop and 90s dance (there are some more recent numbers that you might find me bopping to but I’m a creature of habit and I fear change) and I don’t tend to buy music unless I love every single song on the album (and I own far too many ‘Best Ofs’ than is healthy). I don’t read NME, I don’t read everything I can about a band, buy biographies, or random EPs they made before they were signed.

But listening to this little ditty on my way home is proof that you don’t need to have every’worthy’ album out there – or have liked such and such even before they went mainstream – to appreaciate a damned good song.

Just listen to Sarah’s creamy vocals, the swirly twinkles (of stars) and the oh-so-emotive chorus. Just lovely. Makes me feel all warm and snuggly. And safe. I’ve had the priveledge to work with Dubstar song-writer Steve Hillier (he’s the bald one with the dog) on my time at FM, and I don’t mind being terribly un-professional by writing this gushing post (although I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed him!).

This is what I try and remember the 90s as being like. Those were the days…

PS Those who want to know what Sarah Blackwood is doing now

*This was actually an in-joke. I don’t mind music, really, I just prefer TV and films.

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