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March 3, 2008


Call me biased, but I’d like everyone to head over here and listen to the wondrousness of The Conscripts (featuring the fantabulous musical delights of my brother). Yes, nepotism, nepotism, but as I told one mate just before their Bath gig last Friday, I’d still like them if he weren’t in the band… in fact, I’d maybe like them slightly more (ho ho).

Hadn’t seen the band since their triumphant outdoor gig for the Bath Music Festival last summer. So was gagging for a great night of shimmying whilst all the while being rather smug that “My brother’s in the band, doncha know?”But obviously things never go as smoothly as you’d like – some fecker decided to swoop in and steal my brother’s laptop (and with it all his samples) as they were setting up, meaning he couldn’t play. Gutting.

After a quick shuffle around and an editing of the playlist, the band soldiered (fnar) on and they still rocked the kazbar (albeit with a Dan-shaped hole). I did feel terrible though – they’ve played in some dodgy places before but it’s not until they get to genteel Bath that they have a laptop stolen. Plus it was on my home turf and I felt like Bath hadn’t shown them the best of times to say the least.

But hey ho. They’ve a gig in Bristol this month and hopefully they’ll have resolved their laptop and sample issues by then. I’m planning on heading over there to cheer and whoop and show them that the West is er… best. Who’s with me?


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