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Pranks for the memories

January 31, 2008

beadle1.jpgBeing a Child Of The 80s™I grew up with Jeremy Beadle’s ‘Beadle’s About’, ‘Game For A Laugh’ and ‘You’ve Been Framed’ (this was back then YBF was actually good, ladies and gents). Looking at his biography on Wiki (so pinches of salt taken) you realise just how much of a successful innovator he was:

> Game for a Laugh was a pivotal show in the history of British television since it was the first time ITV ‘won’ the Saurday night ratings battle.
> Beadle’s About became the world’s longest continuously-running hidden camera show.
> In total Beadle hit the UK Number One ratings slot four times.

So I was uber sad to hear last night of the death of Mr Beadle… especially because I think it was my fault.

BMTV followers (and friends) will know that Mr Badger was diagnosed with pneumonia over the xmas hols, and most people who have heard of Mr Badger’s illness since he was diagnosed it have been really shocked: “I thought that had gone the way of cholera?!” said one acquaintance the other day. “No,” says I, “James Brown died of it, Heath Ledger too, they think* – and Jeremy Beadle has it at the moment!”
“Jeremy Beadle…” said the acquaintance.
“Yeah… imagine him coughing up phlegm into his tiny hand,” I said – I know, I’m terrible but I couldn’t resist! And now he’s dead, see?

Anyway. RIP Jezza. You provided many a Saturday’s full of entertainment for me and my brother back when we were little. And YBF certainly wasn’t the same after you left (especially not with that cow off Emmerdale at the helm).

*Current non-hysterical theory is that Ledger’s sleeping pills he took (because when you have pneumonia, it’s really difficult to sleep) reacted badly with the pneumonia medication

PS: So what the feck is going on? Are we in the midst of a pneumonia epidemic? I really don’t remember hearing of this many people getting it in such short time frames…

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