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Supersize v Superskinny

January 23, 2008

size0model.jpgWhen the press release came through for last night’s Supersize vs Superskinny (yes, there is *some* degree of planning in all this, however unlikely it seems) I thought it was a joke. The premise: take one heffer and one skinny minny, swap their diets and see what happens. Hmmm… “What do they *think* would happen?” I pondered. The fattie will whinge because they’re ‘hungry’, whilst eyeing up everything the skinny girl is eating; and the skinny girl will most probably get very very ill, stuffing herself (as she’ll have to) with the fat gal’s greasy food.

And that’s pretty much what is was all about. Except much worse. I think we’re all quite used to seeing hugely overweight people on TV these days. You can’t go an evening without some kind of dieting programme, or obesity issues being raised on the news. But it’s not often you see stick thin, starved bodies (except for news reports, and in those cases they’re more often than not, kids in Africa – and therefore it’s a bit more removed from our modern, jet-setting society). Last night was the first time I can remember seeing a very underweight person on TV in a long while. It was very uncomfortable viewing. Both women clearly had issues with food. For 23.5 stone Jazz singer Sandra, the loss of her baby triggered her eating disorder, where she ate to get ‘hugs inside’. At 6 stone, 10lbs, 19-year-old Tatiana was dangerously underweight and seriously looked as though she had anorexia – although she claims not to… Hmmm.

My main problem with this ‘experiment’ was that, surely by forcing people into such extreme eating habits will only make their eating disorders and relationships with food worse. Forcing Tatiana to cram in double what a ‘normal’ person would eat would surely make her want to eat less, while starving Sandra will only make her binge when the experiment is over. Luckily it only lasted a week and at the end of the show, both women had learned a lot from eating from the others’ plate as it were. After a few months of eating more, Tatiana had put on half a stone (but still looked terrible), while Sandra had dropped a stone – but still looked terrible. Still, the two were on better paths and so I suppose the experiment worked right? Hmmm…

The rest of the show took two media types, the awful crow that is Gillian McKeith and journo Anna Richardson (think Davina, only less shouty and more witty) and got them to test various diety type things. First McKeith went round the nation and got women to show her their bums (what is it with McKeith and arses?). She then shouted at them all, got them to sit on a vibrating machine for a bit and then told them they’d lost an inch off their arses on average (although I suspect that the vibrating machine made them horny and it was the sex they then had what made them lose that inch, like). McKeith then took three different breakfasts around a fish market and asked fishmongers to choose the one with the most calories: a cooked English breakfast with bacon, egg, tomato, mushroom, toast and beans; a blueberry muffin with a skinny latte; and a bowl of muesli with Greek yoghurt and honey with an orange juice.

Now clearly the HEALTHIEST breakfast is the muesli with the yoghurt and orange juice. Lots of slow-releasing energy, honey is good for the brain, yoghurt fills you up and has good bacteria (or whatever) and orange juice has vitamins. OK, so it’s very high in calories, but as a breakfast you need calories so you have energy for the rest of the day. The lowest calorie breakfast (the cooked one) is very high in saturated fat, so you’ll start the day very lethargic and won’t want to be very active. Yeah, thanks Gill. I’d rather not say too much more about McKeith because she’s a crone and the less we see of her on TV the better.

annarichardsobn.jpgOn to Anna Richardson who, although has potential to be annoying, really made me warm to her in her disastrous apple diet debacle. After a day or two eating nothing but apples in a bid to see what supermodels have to go through and if such diets are realistic, Anna shoved a Granny Smith in her aga to try and get some ‘variety’. After 20mins, out came a blackened, dried fruit. Kudos, Anna. Kudos. Then she interviewed an ex model, who told her that the loos at catwalk shows were covered in ‘the runs’. Nice. “So is it worth it?” probed Anna. For a split second, the model looked as if she was going to answer truthfully. Then, looking at Anna, shook her head. “No,” she whispered, unconvincingly. The thing I like most about Anna is that she’s a size 14, weighs the same as me and is sexy as anything. Yay to her – although, note to Anna: do please try and tone down the Davina-style mugging and gurning. Oh and I’ve just found out that she’s responsible for You Are What You Eat, so perhaps she ain’t all that.

Incidentally, Lorraine Kelly was appalled today to learn that a survey has found that New York women would give up their jobs and shave their head if it meant losing weight. But hair grows back and maybe some ladies weren’t happy in their jobs. I’d certainly shave my head if it meant dropping a dress size or two; it’s not *that* extreme…

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  1. January 25, 2008 9:35 am

    Thank you for calling it an experiment. I took part and that is exactly what I called it. I rest from commenting for the time being. 🙂

  2. leila permalink
    March 19, 2009 6:25 pm

    she is pretty but ewww

  3. chris permalink
    August 1, 2011 7:45 am

    There is still a big difference between superskinny and anorexic

  4. June 22, 2013 10:12 pm

    You will be amazed by the constant mirror finish shine that just lasts.

    Yay~ So I decided to try shellac nails. Plus, you’ll leave the salon with completely dry and perfect nails that last for two to three weeks. That remove the polish : I placed a order on ebay so ill let you all know how i go.

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