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Just be yourself!

December 21, 2007

chanelle.jpg I’m sure we all knew someone at school who would be the copycat. The one to buy the same jacket as the class’ Miss Perfect a few days after, sport a new hair cut the day after she got hers, or claim to love some band she mentions liking. I’m not talking about those people (myself included) who gush over a friend’s new top/bracelet/pair of shoes, sneakily ask where she got it and then rush out to claim our own. No, I’m talking about those people who’s mission it is to be a carbon copy. They’re generally viewed as insecure, sad little things, who haven’t quite got a grip on what it is to be themselves yet. It’s embarrassing enough to watch at school, but utterly cringe-inducing to see it in the tabloids and celeb magazine.

Yes, the girl who doesn’t seem to have any shame, pride, self confidence has done it again. I just don’t get it this time though. It’s fair enough to love a certain celeb when you’re a Muggle. To dress like them, sing their songs to yourself in the comfort of your own home, copy their clothes, make-up, maybe even pout like them ALL THE TIME. But when you too are in the public spotlight (for whatever strange reason), why live your life vicariously through that same celeb? Granted, Chanelle isn’t A-list like Posh, but shouldn’t she give it up and develop her own sense of style – her own personality – now she’s a mini celeb in her own right (however much it pains me to say it)?

Proof positive (if more were needed) that she’s unstable and seriously needs help.

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