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End of year post (probably)

December 6, 2007

It’s been a bit quiet on the BMTV front this week. Partly because things are really busy in the world of Badger Madge The Journalist (our publishing house likes to make us all do 13 issues a year, so the run up to Xmas is always rather busy to say the least. We have a total of nine days to do a whole issue, when we usually have 16. Yeah. I know).

So apologies. I have nothing really to say of the past week’s telly, other than that I’m glad Biggins won IACGMOOH. A worthy winner. Someone who broke tensions and told it how it was.

I expect to be blogging rather sporadically over the next month or so. There’s the nightmare 13th issue to do, then Xmas, then my birthday (still time to send gifts!), then new year and THEN I start my new job in January. I don’t like to blog about personal ‘dear diary’ stuff, but it’s just another thing that’ll mean I’m away from BMTV for a bit.

So, if I forget to say it in all the madness, here’s to a smashing ‘festive period’ (see how I stay non-denomination-specific?) thanks for sticking with me over the past year and I’ll see you on the other side (if not before, of course)!

BMTV highlights of the year
My absolute favourite Who episode ever (including the old ones I’ve been watching). Stephen Moffatt proves he’s king of the Who scripts. More of him please, RTD

Surprisingly good. Sexy, sassy and she did warm to me by the end. Hears hoping she can turn Torchwood around.

CIN Dr Who
Watch again and feel the glee!

And seeing as my three top highlights are from Who, here’s a gratuitous shot of the Doc and his pussy. Again.

Life On Mars
Sad to see it go, but hey ho. A perfect series. Box set is on the must-buy list.

Lost v Heroes
Look, they’re both great, OK?

From the JP-Craig-Sarah love triangle to Max vs Claire, with little Hannah’s eating disorder in the middle, the Oaks has upped the ante this year and can certainly stand alongside other more established soaps.

Peeps Show and Outnumbered
Special mention to these rather different takes on the sit-com. More please in 2008.

The travesty that is the Daily Mail morning telly gave great entertainment in 07. A few too many gaffs to mention all of them but my faves are here, here and here.

Harry Potter
From The Order of the Phoenix, to the final book this has been the year of Potter. My Deathly Hallows is still tear-stained, but with the sterling quality of Phoenix, it looks like the series will be properly immortalised. Good stuff.

Northern Lights
Re-reading this now in prep for the film. It’s as great as it first was back in 2003 when I read it. Can’t wait for the film!

The Fountain, The Departed and Stardust are my top three films of 2007.

Brothers & Sisters and The Tudors
Unrealistic, glossy American crap but doncha just love it?

Ghostly sci fi at its worst. Embarrassing sex scenes and terrible dialogue.

We expected better.

The Size Zero debate
From Louise Redknapp to Dawn Porter. Eat some cake ladies!

Big Brother
Too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Bad parents.
Again too many to mention. Bad examples here, here, here, here here and here.

TV phone ins
Be honest, we always knew they were faked. But the day Blue Peter was hauled over the coals was a dark day indeed.

Dr Who Xmas Special
Those angels look even more scary than the ones in Blink!

The shite is really going to hit the fan as the Max-Stacey-Bradders triangle is finally exposed.

All the shit/xmas films
And they’ve started already with Elf last Sunday.

Dr Who
Of course! (But not happy about the return of Rose).

Ashes to Ashes
It’s going to be kick ass!

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