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Hilarious band/song names

November 30, 2007

Working as I do on a music mag (but not for long – ha!) musical chatter is the norm. But a few weeks ago, we were bored and got thinking of the following types of bands:

Toilet bands/songs:
“Push It” Salt n Peppa
Anything by Squeeze
“Wipe Out” The Beach Boys
“Dump Around” House Of Pain
“This Is How We Poo It” Montel Jordan
“I Can Pee Clearly Now The Strain Has Gone”
“Constant Straining” kd laing

OAP songs/artists:
“Purple Rinse” Price
“I Weed Myself And I Wanna Die” Nirvana
“Stairlift To Heaven” Led Zep
“Grand mama” Spice Girls
“Fade To Grey” Visage

Any more?

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  1. January 7, 2009 8:01 am

    It is wonderful to see the VDO.
    Thanks for sharing

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