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Weekend round-up. Again.

November 26, 2007

So, a few weeks ago I said I’d be making BMTV a weekly blog with fillers during the week if I had time. This hasn’t really gone to plan a) because I can’t really get to the pooter at the weekend because a certain Mr Badger is hogging it and b) because I’m a lazy cow, and spend most weekends either hibernating or parked on the sofa.

So apologies for messing y’all about, but here’s to the return of the almost daily (if I can be arsed/have anything to say) BMTV – back where it should be.

And let’s start, traditionally, with the good-old fashioned weekend round up.

X Factor
Should Beverly have gone out on Saturday. Well, it depends on how you look at it. She polled the lowest vote, which proves one thing for certain: people aren’t voting for her. Either that’s because they think she’s ‘safe’ or because they don’t like her as an artist, we can’t say for sure. So on vote merit, obviously she did deserve to go – she didn’t make people pick up the phone for her.

On vocal merit, pitted against the Hope girls (or the ever pouting, throaty voiced Phoebe) she should have stayed. Yes, Phoebe’s a good singer, but she’s nowhere near in Beverly’s league.

So why did Mrs O force the deadlock? Was it because we’re over half way now and haven’t seen it in action so the producers suggested to her that perhaps, now she has nothing to lose (literally) in the competition she might want to throw it in the mix and see what happens? Was it because she likes a bit of drama, a bit of controversy, does our Mrs O? Or was it because she had a good idea about the votes, and wanted to give the Hope girls a bit of a confidence boost? Who knows? Who cares?

Prediction for next week: Someone will mention the fact that you have to vote to save your favourite because “no one’s safe in this competition.”

I’m A Celebrity…
Wouldn’t’ it be wonderful ‘Running Man’-type voyeuristic TV if Marc’s letter to Cerys was planted by the production team? Imagine her little face crumbling when she comes out as she realises that Marc has, in actual fact, spend this whole time locked in a hotel room with only his girlfriend and some whipped cream for company, while she’s been pouring her heart out on national telly.

But of course, we wouldn’t want that for Cerys, the little munchin.

Dr Who
No, I sadly don’t have powers that can look into the future and see if Catherine Tate is going to be shouty and annoying or very shouty and annoying this Xmas. I borrow some ‘old Who’ of a mate of mine who’s trying to educate me and spent Sunday avo trekking in underground caves, being followed by Cybermen androids (name that story and win… something).

Yes, well done. It was Earthshock. So thoughts from a ‘new Who-er’. Davison is great. Kinda like a more serious Tennant. Less wacky, but still brooding, boiling, bubbling under the surface. Quite the sex pot. Not sure why Who fans hate Tegan. She’s alright. Yeah, she’s whingy and a bit bossy and that, but at least she gets out there in her baggy cat suit and tries to fight the Cybermen. At least she doesn’t just hide in the TARDIS, and watch what’s going on, like that drip Nyssa. And I’m glad they killed that annoying geeky boy. What a pratt. As soon as I saw him sulking on his bed, I thought, ‘Ooooh, I hate him. Hope they kill him, the annoying little fecker’. How dare he presume he knows more than the Doctor! Humph. Little feck-wit.
Three companions is just greedy, and you get a sense that they were throwing anything and everything at the Doctor in order to fulfil some kind of demographic or pique the interest of certain viewers. Not needed. It was a case of too many cooks. Oh, and a nice guest appearance from Beryl Reid, who played a rather bossy, batty ship’s captain, but she was rather annoying too.

Oh, and I know it was the early 80s and I was really trying to over-look the wobbly sets, etc. But I didn’t like that the Cybermen talked so much. And with intonation too. They’re not meant to have feeling, right? So don’t make their speech go up and down like a human’s. Plus, I got rather freaked out with shot after shot of Cyberman arse… Oh and they walked too casually too. Modern-Who Cybermen have it just right. Very menacing walk, robotic speech (if at all). Proper scary.

Next week it’s some Baker episodes. Not really looking forward to those. Yes, I know I’m committing some kind of cardinal Who sin here, but I doubt I’ll be able to watch Baker as the Doctor and not expect some kind of “Britain, Britain, Britain” outburst. It was like watching David Walliams in that Stephen Poliakov thing the other week. Kept expecting him to screech “I’m a LADY” any minute. Not enjoyable.

So we’re almost in the middle of season (sorry, Chapter) 2 now and at last it’s started hotting up. We’ve got to the stage where they’ve finally explained what went on at the end of Chapter 1 and now we’re cooking on gas. Now we just have to kill off Maya and Alexandro (Heroes’ version of Lost’s Nicky and Pablo), and we’ll be back on track.

It’s all about family this season. Well, more so than before. The sins of the father, etc, etc. Not very original, but a cracking foundation on which to build, and something to which most viewers will be able to relate. Some Heroes’ powers are developing in interesting ways, and we also see how some might progress later (much much later in fact) if they keep following the paths they’re on…

Oh, and ickle Hiro (this time played by Sekai Murashige) is cccuuuuuuttttteeee!

Sunday night hug TV
Special mention to Cranford (Sundays 9pm BBC1), which isn’t just another Sunday period drama. It’s actually witty, dramatic, tense, poignant and sad all in a one-hour episode. The DVD in on my list…

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