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Ashes To Ashes promo

November 26, 2007

Oh yeah! Just seen a promo of Ashes To Ashes (it pays to sit inches away from the best Geek Mag on the planet).

So if you’re not a fan of spoilers, look away (although there’s nothing huge)

It’s kick ass. It really is. It was only about 3 mins long, but it’s feckin kick ass. I can’t wait. Any worries you might have had about “will it work?” “What about cast changes” “Have we had enough of Gene Hunt?” Just dispel them now.

As soon as Gene comes out of his office with the words, “Right, let’s fire up the Quattro,” you know you’re in steady hands. And there is goes, a red boxy number, still screeching, still driven madly around the streets. And Gene looks like he hasn’t changed a bit, flinging hoodlums around the place and telling him “Anything you say will be taken down, ripped up and shoved down your scrawny little throat till you choke to death.” Oh yeah.

More of the cars (including a Delorian??) here:

And then Chris, bless his little leather jacket and bad hair, does his best, yelling in one scene, “You’re surrounded!” but without the “by armed bastards” bit. Thusly, he’s peppered with bullet-spray and dives behind a well-placed group of barrels. Classic. Oh and a lovely comedy moment where Alex finds him in a club dressed as a Goth/New Romantic (complete with eye make-up).

There’s also a bit of an A-Team style machine gun fire from Gene and the boys on the Thames, which I’m not sure about. Did this happen much in the 80s? Surely we just sat around our monochromed sitting rooms, talking on our massive mobile phones and watching Howard’s Way? We’ll have to see.

Another thing I wasn’t too happy about was a quick glimpse of Zippy and George from Rainbow. Hmmm… Shoe-horned, much? But hey, like I said, it’s a glimpse. Maybe there’s context in there. Somewhere.

On a better note, there’s also the Ashes To Ashes version of the Test Card Girl, which is actually much creepier this time round. Especially for those with coulrophobia… *shudders*

Alex Drake is sultry, sexy and sophisticated and is complete with a rather fetching 80s perm (I’m quite tempted). I can feel (yet another) 80s revival in the air – this lady has a seriously sharp wardrobe (not to mention her fab belts and accessories *drools*). And she looks set to give Gene a run for his money, bending over a desk, whilst telling him she’s met Germaine Greer… Oh and then there’s the full-on bi-atch slap she gives him a bit later. Also:
Alex: “You’re taller than I imagined.”
Gene: “I’m bigger in every department.”


Ooh, can’t wait.

PS A prize to the person who spots the (not so??) deliberate mistake in one of the pics above…

(Pics thanks to Ashes To Ashes TV)

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