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A better life

November 26, 2007

One thing that’s been bugging me about X Factor (well, I say one thing. There are many things that make my bile rise, my blood boil and my fingers twitch, as they want to claw my face with rage, but I don’t have the patience to go into them now) is that anorexic harpie in Pussy Cat Doll wannabe girl band Hope (let’s call her ‘Lollipop Hope’, centre in the pic) continuously going on and on about wanting to succeed in the band so she can give her son a “better life”.

It really irks me when people in talent shows say they’re doing this to give their kids a better life. I very much doubt that having your mum live away from you for months on end, only meeting up once a week (and that’s a hurried cuddle and kiss at the live shows), seeing her parade on stage in a tiny mini skirt and bra, putting up with camera crews while does a staged visit one week, etc etc etc is having a “better life”.

Surely it would be kinder on the lad to provide for him then and there and not take the uncertain, shaky, often unsuccessful path to stardom.

It would certainly be kinder to the lad to set an example to him and show him that education and hard work are the way to success for the majority. Not everyone succeeds in the music business. In fact, not many people succeed at all. If Lollipop Hope wants to “give [her] son a better life,” she should go to college, get some qualifications and then get a nice little office job. That way you’ll be certain to pull in at least £20K a year – more than enough to keep little Kane / Mason/ Shayne / Wayne in shell suits and Nike trainers.

No, in participating in X Factor, Lollipop is ensuring that her future with her son will be just as broke emotionally as well as financially (thinking of parenting, as she does, in monetary terms). Plus she’ll be providing a really weak foundation for her son. He probably has very little regard for education and school as it is, but by strutting her stuff every night, getting mixed up in the PR machine that is the music biz, selling stories to magazines, drugs, drink, etc, she’s confirming that school isn’t the way to go. And that’s just really bad parenting. That’s not providing for your son AT ALL let alone giving him “something better.”

PS Just found this about Lollipop Hope on the official X Factor site:
“Charlie lives in Sunderland with her partner Lee and five year old son Jack. Having just finished her beauty therapist course Charlie was all getting geared up for starting her new career before getting through to the finals of X Factor, now she is hoping she can make her young son proud of her.”
Damn it, girl! Go back to beauty. My local salon charges £13 for a half leg wax. Imagine how many sovereign rings you could buy for a day’s work?

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