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Spice Flop

November 22, 2007

So the Spice Girls’ come-back single, Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) looks set to be the lowest-selling Children In Need single.

Well, I must say I’m not surprised. The problem with this new wave of reforming pop groups is that a lot of them don’t realise that novelty/nostalgia isn’t enough any more. Yes, at first it was rather fun (and funny) to hear that Take That were reforming. They might have had a massive fan base all ready and willing (oh so willing) for the boys to return, but I very much doubt they would have had the success they did had their song(s) not been of such good quality.

Because what ever you say about the Thatters, you can’t argue with the fact that Mr Barlow can write a nifty old tune. And that’s the problem with the Spice’s single. It’s cack. Utter cack. It might have passed under the poo-covered yard stick back in the 90s (it sounds a bit like a watered-down ‘Mama’) but getting back together isn’t enough. Doing a charity record isn’t enough. It has to be good.

And that’s why, unless they (or their producers/writers) pulled their fingers out, the Spice Girls’ return won’t be a long one. But I doubt that’s what they were aiming for. I think it’s plainly obvious (the fact that they’ve not made the effort to get a good song, sing live, bother at all) that they’re in it to make a quick buck and then retire to their separate all dancing, all perfume-creating sorry little lives. Silly girls.

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