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Poor Marc

November 22, 2007

I don’t know about you, but I felt really sorry for Marc Bannerman last night. Yes, he’s been a naughty boy and has embarrassed his girly (of two and a half years) on national telly, and yes, if I were in her position I’d have gone mental a long time ago. But there was something so dejected in his gate, so resigned in his features after his interview, that made my heart go out to him. Poor sod. He can’t help the way he feels. And I can totally understand the need for a cuddle and some kind words when you’re away from everything you know. I’m not condoning what he did (and to be fair, he could have easily snogged Cerys’ face off, but didn’t) but I do feel sorry for him and think he didn’t deserve to go when he did. He was a silly boy, but he’s got it all coming to him.

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