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Celebrity spot of the week

November 22, 2007

Another celebrity spot here in Bath. This time everyone’s favourite maxi-pant-wearing, jubbly-grabbers, Trinny and Susannah. Now, I didn’t actually see them up close, it was dark, they were on the street just about to go into a clothes shop that had been specially opened for them, but it was deffo them. Trinny air-kissed the shop owner, whilst Susannah tripped towards them from the car. Susannah is slimmer in reality than she seems on telly, and Trinny is much shorter. My friend, who saw them a bit closer, said that Trinny looks way younger in real life, and Susannah looked really knackered (blood-shot eyes, etc).

I resisted the temptation to go over to them (and squeeze their boobs) purely because I would be mortified if they asked me to go on their next show. Got me thinking: would you ever be friends with people like T&S? Surely you’d spent most of the time before you met them trying on different outfits in a bit to win their approval (and then spend the whole time you’re with them worrying what they think) that it just wouldn’t be worth it.

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