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Timey Wimey

November 16, 2007

Gush alert.

Re: The Children in Need Doctor Who Special (Time Crash) – only available for a week after tonight (someone please stick it on YouTube). Chuffing excellent. Only 7 mins, but what a 7 minutes! As ever Moffat churned out a chuffing cracking script, full of giggles and emotion.

I’m now looking forward much more to the Xmas special (especially if Moffat is at the helm). I arrived too late for Davison (I was kind of a McCoy gal, but even then I can’t remember much) but I felt the warmth emanating from Tennant as he gushed “You were *my* Doctor.” And then when he showed him his baseball shoes and specs… Awwww… *sniffle*

Best quotes I managed to jot down over the giggles:
“Not many men can carry off a decorative vegetable.” and “Oooh, out come the brainy specs.”

What a cracking fanwink of an episode. Thanks guys.

Here’s to more!

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