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My gaydar is cack

October 31, 2007

This more or less describes how I reacted to the news.

Now, I don’t really mind either way in which orifice Dumbledore likes to put his wand, but does it really matter? Why all the coverage? Why the celebration? I realise I’m adding to the debate, the commentary etc etc. But I just don’t see why, in this day and age, it becomes front page (well, maybe page three or five at least) news that a figure in literature is gay!

So, just goes to show how crap my gaydar is. I’d’ve put a tenner on Flitwick, Peeves and certainly Sir Nicholas being gay. But not Dumbledore!

TBH, I think all these revelations that are coming after the books are a load of nonsense. Rowling is making it up as she goes along otherwise she’d’ve put it in the books. Nevil marries Hannah Abbott? Bollocks does she. He clearly co-habits with Luna, dagnammit!

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