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Crazy Heather on GMTV

October 31, 2007

Call me heartless but I mustered very little sympathy for Heather Mills’ impassioned plea for the press to leave her alone on this morning’s GMTV.

For someone who has courted the press ever since her marriage to Macca years ago, it seems a little hypocritical to now claim to not want her fame (or rather notoriety). Her appearance on the program smacked of desperation, not the desperate plea of someone at the end of their tether, but rather someone who has been backed into a corner and has very little left to squeeze out.

Speaking of squeezing, she managed a few tears and squeaky a voice as she claimed to have a record of every press cutting ever made of her – hmmmm, self obsessed at all? That’s what proud parents do when their kids are on telly, or finally crack Hollywood.

People have said Heather’s a bit crazy. Well, if her appearance on GMTV was intended to prove otherwise, she kinda cocked that one up. Rant after incoherent rant uttered forth from her glossy lips: “I’ve had eighteen months of absolute abuse and they tried to ruin my daughter’s birthday party which I spent ages organizing, saying I killed the dog next door” What?!

“Think of one thing since you’ve known me, since I came here 14 years ago. One thing that I’ve done that hasn’t been for charity. 80% of my money goes to charity.” Erm… The porn?

“It is living in a prison. The only respite I got was going to America. I did Dancing With The Stars because our charity has been so damaged we needed to money.” Yes, and why was the charity damaged, eh, Heather? Was it because of the horrible, bitter and very public divorce you brought? And for someone who claims to “only do charity work” Heather almost forgot to mention it until right at the end of her crocodile-filled rant when she hurriedly rattled off the URL.

But hey, it brightened my morning (and it needed brightening today believe me) so thanks to Heather. It was like a double whammy having her on one side of the sofa and Fiona on the other. Heather, you’re more than welcome to grace my telly (for charity of course) if it means I get to see more of this self-deluded madness.

And this goes to show how crazy she really is…

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