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My repetition is this…

October 18, 2007

So the Beeb are to axe 2,000 staff, sell the beloved TV Centre building and air more repeats in order to save cash. Fair play as far as I’m concerned. To be honest, a lot of what the BBC have churned out since I started this blog has been a bit cack. They can’t do sitcoms, their dramas are hit and miss… The only things they do really well in my opinion are costume drama/adaptations, Eastenders (sometimes), comedy quiz shows and Strictly Come Ballroom Come Dancing on Ice type shows. I think it’s time we gave them more time to make quality shows that I’ll feel fine paying for, instead of the embarrassing dross I’ve seen recently.

I certainly agree with this integrated newsroom – apparently the Beeb frequently sent up to eight camera crews and reporters to cover the same stories. Utter ridiculous if you ask me. Of course, there will be some out there who’ll wail that the first to go must be the jumped-up presenters (such as Wozza and Moyles) who are famously on stupid salaries. But I agree with Nick Ross who argued that actually, the Beeb need to keep their talent, so that viewers stay too. No, it’ll be the runners, the producers, the researchers and the lowly behind-the-scene folk what get the chop first.

So here are a few ideas of mine that might save the Beeb some money:

Stop doing charity shows
Hardly anyone watches them these days and they must eat up resources

Cut Enders to two/three times a week instead of four
The quality is really showing, so give them more time to make a better product, and save a few bob in the process

Give up thinking you can do sitcoms
My Family, After You’ve Gone… That kind of thing. Rely on new talent (they’re cheaper after all!) from BBC3 and 2.

Stop worrying about special effects and animation
No one minded when Dr Who was all wobbly sets and dodgy men in suits. In fact, of the last few series, I’ve actually been more scared by ‘things we can’t see’ than monsters that have been CG’d to the nines. Animation is stupidly expensive to produce, so stop doing it!

Cull the cooking shows
Far too many around right now and what a waste. Especially on Saturday mornings.

Please don’t repeat…
Last of the Summer Wine
One Foot in the Grave
Steptoe and Son
Keeping Up Appearances
Vicar of Dibly

Please do repeat…
Red Dwarf
Life On Mars
Jeeves and Wooster
Fawlty Towers (you can never have enough)
‘Old’ Dr Who
Family Guy (and not on so late please, it’s not that bad)
Bleak House (for this quality, I’m willing to pay twice)

I know I should be angry. I know I should be bitching and moaning about my license fee and it not going to make new shows, but lining some fat cat’s pockets while he sacks half his staff. But seeing as I’ve done without the BBC’s digital channels for over a year now (and have still been paying for them through my license fee) it’s kind of pointless moaning about this.

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  1. Clair permalink
    October 18, 2007 6:25 pm

    Jeeves and Wooster was ITV…

    Charity programmes fit in with the BBC remit, though, don’t they? Children In Need originated back in radio days in the Twenties, I believe, so it’s a thing of long standing. The Saturday cookery show must be a cheapie to produce, as it’s half old-shows anyway, so we’ll probably be seeing more of things like that.

    With you on EastEnders though, and all other soaps. Just too much.

    Can you not get Freeview where you are? My thirty quid box has repaid itself many times over.

  2. Badger Madge permalink
    October 19, 2007 9:46 am

    oh was it itv? ooops. oh well. maybe the beeb can buy the doovd box set and play em out. that’ll save a bit surely.

    yeah charity shows may well be part of the beeb’s history (and remit) but many of their other shows don’t stick to it, so… charity shmarity – i don’t need to see alan hanson dancing around in fishnets singing along to ‘i will survive’ to be able to reach into my pocket…

    no freeview in bath. not in the centre anyway, what with it being a bowl. it sucks.

  3. BPP permalink
    October 23, 2007 8:38 am

    Hmmm. Not too sure I agree with your choice of what to repeat and what not to. Surely Last of the Summer Wine is in the wrong place? And Steptoe and Son? That’s a bloody great show … AAAAAAAAROLD etc. YOU ZZIRTY OLD MAN etc. BLEEEEDIN’ POOOFTER an all that. How can you resist Harold, who’s been out to an art class with a bird he’s keen on, bringing her back to the house to find his dad having a bath in the front parlour? And what about her name being ‘Bucket’, but it being pronounced ‘Bouquet’? That’s funny, yes? Certainly funnier than the utterly dreadful Red Dwarf. Albert, in the bath, yes?

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