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Feeble post

October 15, 2007


Haven’t been able to blog for a while due to nasty work things, so here’s a quick run down of what I’ve been watching.

Ugly Betty
Season two looks to be shaping up to be just as mad and dramatic as the last. A very sad season opener (very brave), lots more Marc and Amanda (just as I requested here). The only thing I’d prefer less of is the boring Meade saga (although I realise it’s needed in the grand scheme of things. Yay to Justin (who’s looking mighty fine for a youngun) for finally getting a placement at Mode. Long may his reign continue.

The sodding Rugby
Am I the only one who can’t really be arsed with it? Living in BAth, it’s the only thing anyone really talks about. Over the weekend, I was at a (hat) party and someone actually asked me, “What’s your opinion on the rugby then?” As if there was some great debate needed. “Er…” I replied. “Well… I don’t mind watching it. It’s more interesting than football because more stuff happens. But I can take it or leave it really – leave it more at the moment.” He looked shocked and more than a little put out.

Likewise, Mr Badger’s mum called us on Sunday. “I expect he’s all tired after celebrating the rugby last night?” she asked. “Well, no actually,” I said hestitantly, “We went to a party last night and he only saw the last ten minutes.” Thus followed a long conversation about her friends calling her up singing ‘Swing Low’ and ended with her telling me I’d get used to it and be just as much a nutter fan type after living in Bath for a bit longer. If I *ever* call someone up and sing ‘Swing Low’ to them, disembowel me.

Not impressed with Bobby Davro. He’s too comedy-self-aware. Come back Shane Richie, all is forgiven.

Oh, and I saw this on GMTV (or thereabouts) last week some time.

Now, a coupla things.
1. We’ve heard the two girls sing in the house, sans autotune and the many (many) other effects that have been out on ‘their’ vocal to make it sound half-way bearable. We know they don’t sound like this.

2. Correct me if I’m wring, but Barbie Girl originally was ironic right? It was knowingly kitsch. Knowingly poking fun at the Pop establishment. But this version… well, let’s just say that I doubt the girlies quite get the concept of irony. Or the establishment for that matter.

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