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Heroes, on the up!

October 3, 2007

I promise not to turn this into an episode-by-episode guide to Heroes. But I just caught the second ep of series two and felt the need to come on and gush. I take back most of what I said here (except for Emily Watson’s eyebrows, X Factor and Meet The Natives).

Season two is kicking ass (well, Irish ass anyway, eh Pete?). Yes, OK we’re repeating ourselves with the whole ‘No one knows about Claire’ storyline, but I’m willing to forgive little Hayden anything. I really wanted to hate her. She’s gut-wrenchingly, gloriously, glowingly beautiful, and I think it’s a bit… disconcerting how guys of a certain age find her sexy (she looks about 15). It’s just a bit… odd if you know what I mean. Like guys who like girls to dress up as school girls. Just. A. Bit. Wrong.

But she’s charming. Such a cutie and what she did on tonight’s ep has made me determined to only ever use an emery board to do my nails from now on. I’ll say no more. I still feel nauseous.

So yay to Heroes (again), can’t wait to see where the next mission takes us… I’m sure it’ll be “Up! Up!” As I’m sure I heard Mr Muggles bark at the end of the ep.

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