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Holiday round up

October 1, 2007

Uber quick holiday run down as I’m snowed under (and have a cold – sympathy please).

Highlights of the holiday TV were:

Meet the Natives

Channel 4’s wondrous reversal of the anthropology genre. This ingenious doc follows five natives of a small South Pacific island as they throw off their grass skirts in favour of fleeces and beanies and journey half way around the world to Britain.

There, they stay with three of our main ‘tribes’: the upper class, the middle class and the working class. Last week’s edition was the middle class tribe, where English-speaking JJ and his fellow tribesmen lived with a jolly hockey sticks family, and watched them farm pigs and kill rabbits.

At first, it was hilarious to view our culture through their eyes. How strange we actually are. How complex and unnecessarily complicated we make day-to-day living. It was a bit odd that they think Prince Phillip is the son of their god (and I seriously thought it was a mock doc when that little nugget of info surfaced) but once you over look that, it was very enjoyable and interesting. If you missed it last week, tune in on Thursday, Channel 4,

X Factor
First in a weekend of talentless people being rewarded for bugger all and the judges in the X factor put forward a strange Chico-like person over a lovely The Commitments-style wedding singer chap (who reminded me of a Guinea Pig, bless him). Not sure why they did that. I can only assume that they don’t want an older singer to win this year… Twats.

National Movie Awards
As Dame Judy Dench mentioned before (and Helen Mirren echoed in her speech), this really should be called the National Film Awards, but I’m guessing the organisers had eaten too many Big Macs when they were brainstorming.

Second in a weekend of talentless people being rewarded for bugger all goes to Emma Watson’s award for Female Performance. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’m still bitter from the blanking episode. But I’m not. Seriously. How can anyone think that Emma Watson’s portrayal of Hermione in OOTP was better than anything Judy Dench has done (I’m guessing it was for Bond). Come on people! If the award was for her eyebrows, then I’d understand – those little devils earned their fee in that… movie that’s for sure. Yes, I know it’s a popularity thing, and so you’ll probably get little 15-year-old boys and mums/nans voting. But still. IT’S JUDY DENCH!


Heroes Season Two
On to Heroes season two and I was a tad disappointed with the start. Didn’t really know what was going on at first, and felt that the writers had had to find exits from the corners they’d painted themselves into at the end of series one:
“Shit, Where can we go with Claire now everyone knows about her?”
“Let’s move her to another city and change her name, then inject yet another dark-haired bad boy for her to maybe tell her secret to.”
“Er… OK. What about Parkman? Everything’s going OK for him. He’s a bit dull. Shall we kill him?”
“No! He’s got one of the best powers. Let’s have him divorce his wife and shack up with that annoying Mohinder bloke. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s introduce a fake virus storyline, and have Mohinder work for The Company as a double agent.”
“Riiiiight. What about The Petrellis?”
“Well, everyone knows we can’t kill Pete as he pulls in all the ladies. But let’s try and make them think he’s dead (even though they won’t so it’ll be a total waste of energy), then make Nathan wear a ridiculous beard.”
“And er… That dude from Star Trek? We can’t keep paying him his fee…”
“No worries. I’ve been thinking about this. We need a new menace this year now Sylar’s gone – or is he? – so let’s create a new mysterious evil that kills him and might kill Mrs Petrelli in a mysterious and evil way.”
“OK. And er… Hiro?”
“Hiro. Hmmmm. Well. Bit stuck on that one. We could make his hero an Englishman? Yeah! Give him a stupid Dick Van Dyke English accent – that’ll be a shock for the viewers! Oh and while we’re on the subject of terrible accents, I want the last scene of episode one to feature some Americans using the worst Irish accents I’ve heard. OK?”

Plus there’s a new girl whose power seems to be to kill people by making them cry blood. Creepy. I’m hoping episode two will start improving things.

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  1. Swineshead permalink
    October 1, 2007 12:01 pm

    That Meet the Natives thing – hardly that original – Macintyre did a similar (and less obviously staged) version earlier in the year…


  2. Badger Madge permalink
    October 1, 2007 12:49 pm

    Must have missed that one. Was it as charming as MTN?

  3. Badger Madge permalink
    October 1, 2007 2:56 pm

    Oh, and where’s the feckin sympathy?!

  4. Swineshead permalink
    October 1, 2007 4:34 pm

    Here is my sympathy:


    It was pretty much exactly the same as Meet The Natives, but it seemed to have more content. The tribespeople wanted to kill a squirrel and wear it on their head. and they got spooked by ‘magic’ automatic doors.

  5. Badger Madge permalink
    October 2, 2007 8:26 am

    Sympathy gratefully accepted.

    Sounds like the first doc was more about making the explorers look ridiculous, whereas this one is about making our lives seem ludicrous…

  6. BPP permalink
    October 3, 2007 1:57 pm

    I saw that Macintyre thing. I reckon he should have hooked ’em up with all them gangster types from Macintyre’s Underworld and made ’em fight to the death.

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