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No, not the loo! Anything but the loo!

September 18, 2007

‘Dirty’ Den Watts, Wilmott-Brown, Nick Cotton, Phil and Grant Mitchell, Steve Owen, Johnny Allen… Just a few of the Walford nut jobs and hard men we’ve seen over the years.

After the sad demise of wooden tough man Dennis Rickman, many feared his brooding, hunky shoes wouldn’t be filled. Step in Sean Slater AKA Robert Kazinsky. Brooding, sexy and with more than a slight a mad glint in his eye, Sean Slater came back from Iraq, mentally twisted and brimming with mother issues.

For weeks I’ve been on the edge of my seat (well, slightly lent forward from my usual flopped position), waiting for his revenge on Deano and Chelsea (she of the pubescent boy’s voice) for their false accusations over Mr Trueman’s assault. And after all the build up, all the creepy stares and jumping out at them – what does he do? He cuts a chunk of Chealsea’s hair off and – you might not want to read this bit folks, it’s quite nasty – flushes Deano’s head down the loo. No normal loo, mind. The Walford public loos.

Ooooooh. Hard. Don’t mess with him. That bloke’s a nutter (oi, nutter, etc, etc).

In other news, Phil jumps back on the wagon after a few throwaway remarks from Kevin, and the revelation that Ben actually hates football. Heh. If only it were that easy… Elsewhere on the Square – almost exactly in the place he was gunned down in fact – and Ian almost gets run over by a car. Shame he didn’t note down the registration number. The whole mystery would be solved. But that would just be too easy.

This whole Cindy haunting Ian storyline is a bit ridiculous. Flowers and cow’s hearts through the post is one thing, but creeping in to the cafe to cut the heads of some flowers without *anyone* noticing who it was is quite another. Just silly.

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  1. Swineshead permalink
    September 18, 2007 10:55 am

    Who won Hell’s Kitchen?

  2. Badger Madge permalink
    September 18, 2007 11:21 am

    Barry. Obviously.

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