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Where do people like Jim go?

September 11, 2007

More guest bloggage from the keyboard of Mr Ant Howell. Incidentally, I encourage all those who feel Davidson is just kidding around or isn’t really a racist, so visit this page here.

“I caught a bit of Hell’s Kitchen by accident last night and it seems they’ve thrown Jim Davidson off the show, presumably for homophobic bullying.

Jim Davidson is quite a collector’s item. The man is so full of hate that he simply cannot hide his homophobia under any cloak of civility. He was acting his way through the programme, trying to play down his misogyny and homophobia and pulling out the usual crap about him being a good honest man trying to turn political correctness on its head for effect. Bollocks. Jim Davidson is a white-straight-male supremacist, through and through. He would’ve been as happy as Larry in 18th century Britain. It is the greater equality we now have in society (which was not a gift from “liberal” politicians but brought about by decades of struggle) that fills him with that all-consuming hatred.

In my opinion, Davidson went a lot further than the Big Brother bullies. He proudly wore his hate-speech (“shirt-lifter”) on his sleeve under the glare of lights and cameras – not even in a whispered conversation. Liberal Britain is apparently less outraged on behalf of the gay community. Or maybe outrage-fatigue has set in this year.

This is my point of view. If Jim Davidson hates gay people, I want him to be free to say so on Hell’s Kitchen. If Jo from S-Club 7 is racially prejudiced – let’s have the details from the horse’s mouth. We need to drag their demons out and watch them die in the sunlight – the very best disinfectant. I am sensitive of the need to protect the rights of any minority group in a democratic society, but there comes a point at which that minority group is big, strong and popular enough to stand up for itself. I believe that has long since been the case with both the Indian and Gay communities in Britain.

Believe me, Davidson will be very happy with his new martyr status within the far-right brigade. Brian Dowling was having to withstand some harsh psychological bullying in there. I acknowledge it must have been tough for him. However, he had plenty of support (even the weak-kneed variety of Paul Young) and can you imagine the popular feeling that was building for him on the outside? Brian was winning easily. Popularity contests are his specialty. Davidson was quite capable of discrediting himself and was doing a fine job. To remove him for Brian’s protection was a mistake and a missed opportunity. Like Shilpa Shetty, Brian Dowling is an adult and strong enough to take a stand against this kind of bigotry. If role models like those two do not, then it will be people on the streets who have to suffer jibes, taunts and worse from the militant wing of the Jim Davidson party. If we keep trying to hide racism and homophobia then it will come back to haunt us. Don’t pull the plug on TV shows. Don’t send these people into the shadows. Let them say what they feel and trust in the good people to overcome it.

“Where do people like me go then?” asked Jim, distraught to be living in such a progressive environment. Don’t worry Jim, there’s a wonderful place for you – it’s called “Shameful History”. You’ll have lots of white, straight, male friends to play with there.”

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  1. Badger Madge permalink
    September 11, 2007 2:32 pm

    I can see your point, Ant. Let’s give them a spade and let them dig their nasty little holes, but I ultimately think my view rests with Mr Craig. It’s dangerous for us to let racists, homophobes and all the other disgusting people of the world air time for their views.

    I mentioned this on a forum recently and someone came back with: “What about Monster Raving Loonies, what about Trekkers, what about people with blonde hair? Where do you draw the line at what’s offensive for other people?”

    A valid point, but a silly one methinks.

    I also read on a forum about racism in the BB house someone arguing against freedom of speech. They were saying something along the lines of, “I don’t want to live in a world where ‘freedom of speech’ means allowing racists and bullies an open forum with which to poison the innocent and the easily lead.”

    It’s a shameful think to admit, but I’m inclined to agree…

    What was risky about JD and his behaviour was that he all too easily played the martyr. He was all “oh, it’s because I’m old-school,” etc. That’s dangerous because you could start feeling sorry for the guy. I’ve not been watching the show, but it did come across last night as if JD said something off the cuff that he didn’t understand. It seemed as if he was actually trying to relate to Brian and not actually hurt him. Brian’s reaction therefore seemed very OTT and a little dramatic.

    But as I say, I’ve been dipping in and out and haven’t seen the extent to his bullying. But then, if someone ‘normal’ like me can feel pangs of almost sympathy for the rotten c*nt that is JD, then we’re straying into dangerous waters. Far better to have him dispatched at the height of our sympathy for Brian, rather than keep him there to have any support grow and grow.

  2. BPP permalink
    September 11, 2007 4:22 pm

    Nick Nick! It’s funny, isn’t it, when he goes ‘Nick Nick!’? Y’see, he’s impersonating black fellas he’s seen arrive on banana boats in the 70s … ‘Nick Nick!’ Black fellas called ‘Chalkie’ (see what he’s done there?) going ‘Nick Nick’ … because that’s what black fellas do … in the 70s … coming here from the jungle with bones through their noses … Nick Nick! How refreshing that TV executives still gives him a chance to be on the telly … Nick Nick! Even though he’s a wife-beating, racist, bullying, drunken cunt, it’s good to see him back where he belongs … Nick Nick!

  3. Bright Ambassador permalink
    September 11, 2007 6:59 pm

    Davidson kept banging on about living in ‘the PC world’. Is the popular computer retailer aware that he dosses down in their shops?

    Never have liked him, never will. His favourite band’s Emerson Lake and Palmer – which speaks volumes.

  4. BPP permalink
    September 12, 2007 8:30 am

    To be fair to ELP, it’s hardly their fault when an unpleasant dinosaur like The Davidson decides to like ’em. They were a bit shit, mind.

  5. Badger Madge permalink
    September 13, 2007 2:40 pm

    From Popbitch:

    “The next day Davidson had one more task to
    do for the TV show – fly in a Harrier. The
    pilots got their own back with 45 minutes of
    aerobatics. Davidson vomited all over
    himself, and lost control of his bowels. He
    was in such a mess that ground crew refused to
    help him from the aircraft. His production team
    had to sort him out, plus clean the cockpit. We
    had to replace the parachute and part of the
    ejection seat, but it was worth it.”

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