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Why BB8 was shit (producers take note)

August 31, 2007

The House
I’m sure the producers thought that having a topsy-turvy house could be really wacky and weird and cause lots of confusion and stress. But it really didn’t. In fact, aside from the first night, nothing was made of it. Viewers (and producers) hoped we’d get some naked bathing action in the living room, as other HMs sat around chatting, but no. It was just used as a big washing sink type thing, or for HMs to – hilariously! – dung each other in.

The target on the floor was highlighted by Davina on her first-night showing, but nothing has come of it. I also heard rumours that (on the first night) the twins started to find the secret rooms etc, but BB didn’t want the discovering such things so soon, so asked them to stop. Then, thanks to Charley’s explosions (more on that later) they decided to leave that ‘storyline’.

The Housemates
No one person should rule the BB show. Likewise, no one person should rule the BB house. For me the two HMs who helped to ruin BB8 were Charley and Carole. Charley, someone who is so self absorbed and so blind to the way she really is, she’s become almost a parody of herself, was unbearable to watch. People say she made good telly and that the house was boring without her in it, but for me, I could stand yet another Charley showdown. Every highlight show was an argument between her and someone else. And every HL show ended with her telling them they’re “pafatick!” and stomping off to have a cigarette, fluffing up her rat-tail hair and folding her face in half as she pouted.

BB’s biggest mistake was letting Charley dominate the show. The transparent ways they made sure she stayed in week after week, escaping being up for eviction, was disgusting (more on THAT later!). Yes, HMs have constantly been ‘saved’ by BB with careful editing in the past, but never before in the show’s history has it been so blatant and so unapologetic.

Towards the end of the run, Carole’s constant heavy-handed approach to governing the house made watching the show incredibly boring and predictable. She’d spy on others, pick fights with people over food and then burst into tears. I’ve said so much about what a nasty piece of work that woman is that I just can’t be bothered to go into it here. But rest assured, had Carole gone out early, the house would have been very different: more interesting with more mistakes made, more jokes and (almost definitely) more romance.

In general, the HMs this year were the most fame-hungry lot yet. Whereas in recent years, HMs have gone in with the fame agenda, proclaiming that they wanted to do BB “for the experience,” this year most HMs were honest from the get go. What a world we live in.

So unimaginative and uninspired this year. For example, the ‘sit in a big tin of sardines until we tell you if you’ve won or not,’ task. Utter tripe (or… fish).

From the ill-fated Guru twist to the ‘in, out, in, out until we get the two we want’ Half Way Housemate debacle, every so-called twist that BB through at housemates this year fell flat on its face. It’s funny how the HMs were so willing to go along with everything Carole laid down, and yet were so keen on bending rules and avoiding having to show themselves for who they really are (fame-hungry, desperate wannabes). No, I won’t choose between my two best friends, because I’m Such A Lovely Person(TM). Please.

Heavy-handed editing
To most people who watch the HL show, Liam is a fun-lovin’ everyman. Big bro to Brian and the twins; a real cheeky chappie. In reality, he’s a bully who’s desperate to win BB at any cost. A real nasty one. Likewise, to many (even with BB’s mid-season ‘bad edit’) Carole is the (earth) mother of the house, the older lady who’s very put-upon. In reality, she’s like this. This year, the makers haven’t even bothered pulling the wool over the viewers’ eyes in their clumsy edit of life in the BB house. They choose their finalists early on and then set about chopping and cutting to fit their storylines. Having Richard Madley call Ziggy a c*nt (as a joke) not fit in with the agenda? No worries, let’s just snip it out, even if it was the main thing HMs talked about for a day or so. It was said in an affectionate way (“I want Ziggy to win, the c*nt,”) but it did upset him for a while. Nothing was mentioned in the HL show that night.

Taking all these points into consideration, I really feel that BB8 might have been rescued had the time period been shorter. If BB had been, say 60 days, it might have been a better programme. As it was, it went on for far too long, with far too many housemates and too many twists. Ultimately though, it was the makers’ heavy handed approach to manipulating the storyline, that has made Big Brother jump the shark.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 31, 2007 10:41 am

    You forgot the all women start ……… stupid stupid stupid it was.

    Also you forgot to say that most of them are clinically retarded.

  2. Dee4leeds permalink
    August 31, 2007 11:37 am

    Your spot on, with all your points.

    Espically Liam.

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