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Another rushed bank holiday post…

August 29, 2007

Apologies for the net silence over the past few days. I decided to have a bit of a break over the bank hol and have only just got back into the swing of things.

Due to having my final wisdom tooth extracted yesterday, I’m still not 100% in the mood for an angry rant, however, I thought I’d just come on and give a little round-up of the various crap I’ve been watching over the bank hols.

Big Brother
So we’ve six (count ’em) six (or is that seven?) HMs in the final week. And not a mid-week eviction in sight. That’ll make for a shite final then, won’t it? Davina will hardly have time to show them their best bits… Well, there goes BB makers giving up any kind of audience fulfillment, or social commentary. No, let’s just film certain people doing certain things under a certain duvet and then not bother asking them about it. Oh, and let’s just orchestrate the manipulation of ten people by another HM, thus ensuring the whole of the series is as dull as flea sex, and then not pull them up on it, eh?

No, this year’s eviction night will be crap. Utter crap. It won’t even be good enough to qualify as an anti-climax because I’m doing my damnedest not to get excited over it. This debacle about them not letting Emily Parr do her walk of shame and yet opening their arms to Channel (who walked, let’s remember) is hypercritical beyond belief. Just because Channel makes them money and is a ‘good’ ambassador for the programme, she can come back. Let’s bend the rules for Channel shall we? Arrgh!

I didn’t care who wins. But now, because of the constant belittling and bitching, I’d love Jonty to win. Liam’s behaviour over the photo album was disgusting and only highlighted Jonty’s earlier comments that he’ll never be seen as a ‘proper housemate’. It’s true, and it’s not fair on him. It’s totally the makers’ fault and for that reason alone, Jonty should win this. It’ll be a big smack in the face for smug Liam and the rest.

Of course, the usual arguments have surfaced about it being the viewers’ fault for ensuring who stays and who is ultimately evicted. But I’d say that our choices on who goes each week is more down to heavy-handed editing and transparent stage managering – more so this year than in any other year and so I call, yet again, for a return to Big Brother Back To Basics.

Weekend Nazis
I can’t really be bothered to go into this much except to say that, although Sweeney gave up most of his integrity as a journalist the moment he started screaming at a Scientologist, there is something *very* wrong with selling mugs with Hitler’s face on it, banging the SS logo into a coin, and having a ‘Nazi wedding’. There’s a line between re-enacting History, and parading around, proudly in full SS regalia. Sent shivers down my spine…

Yes, it’s very middle class and yes, it’s very twee. But this sitcom from the Drop The Dead Donkey lot is charming and actually very subtle in places. I was bracing myself for another god-awful My Family-type nightmare, and sure, the bits with the parents and older child was a bit dull and contrived in parts. But the improvised scenes with the younger kids was just precious. And you don’t have to have kids to find them sweet and hysterically funny. Shame it’s not on weekly (it’s on for the next few days I think) and that it’s on so late, as I think the viewing figs would really pick up if it was on earlier and in a weekly slot…

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