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Stop the press!

August 24, 2007

Much as I love Ali Larter (and anything else to do with Heroes) I did scoff at this latest bit of ‘news’.

First off, why does an actress doing her own hair for an awards ceremony constitute news? “Jimmy! Stop the press! Hold the front page – you know, the one with Cameron’s latest NHS policy, the apparent rise in gun crime and the imminent destruction of our planet due to our own stupidity and selfishness as a race. Scrap all that! Something that’s waaaay more important has happened. Ali Larter is *gasp* doing her own hair at an awards show. I know! Incredible! What a scoop.”

My second problem, is that Ali’s bid to highlight the fact that, yes, people can do their own hair you know, only proves that she’s so far outside the realms of reality that she comes across as patronising and a bit shallow. Well, okay, very shallow. About as shallow as a petri dish full of Hero DNA.

She’s doing this to “help women realise the potential of their own hair and feel more confident.” Don’t go trying to realise the potential of yourselves as strong, confident, intelligent women now. No, think about how good your hair *can* look if you put a bit of effort into it.

I’m all for people looking their best, but if a (now) world-famous actress is going to speak out about helping women realise their potential, she should choose a subject that doesn’t make all women look like vain hussies.

I’ll go grab my dungarees…

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