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Rise: Darth Samanda

August 7, 2007

Not really sure what to make of last night’s ‘shock’ twist in the BB house. Twins Sam and Amanda were given the opportunity to be considered as one housemate. On day two, the twins had asked if they were one of two housemates (bless their pink cotton socks) and BB had replied that they were two. For now.

Since then, the girls have nominated separately, been up for nomination separately and done tasks separately. But last night, BB gave the girls a choice. Either they could continue as two housemates – but choose one to be up for eviction. Or be one housemate and both/as one face eviction.

The obvious choice for most would be to stay as a two. That way, they get two votes each when it comes to nominations – better chance of one of them winning. But the girls, who “do everything together” (apparently – quite disconcerting or exciting depending on your gender, sexual orientation and age, I suppose) cannily chose to be one. At first, I shook my head at their stupidity. But actually, they’ve shown themselves to be bright little (pink) buttons. This means that okay, on the one hand, they’ll only have two votes between them (and thus be weakened as a pair) but on the other they’ll be evicted together (a marketing joy) have all their apre-eviction interviews together (again, muchos dollar) PLUS – some have argued that both twins’ fans will come together as one, thus creating a fan base that even Brian couldn’t beat and a certain BB win. So fame and fortune is sure to beckon for the girls after this decision.

Rushing into the garden, the girls shrieked and got tearful as they told their fellow HMs the news. Most didn’t care and shrugged it off, little did they know what huge balls were now rolling (and I’m not talking about Brian’s package).

Now, I’m not really a big BB Twin fan. I couldn’t ever really tell either apart (except that one is now fat and one is still thin). But they both seem to be lovely, cute little (pink) pixies – I did believe at first that they were faking it, but no one can put on that act of innocence for that long. But I wouldn’t say I fall into either camp, so I’m not sure how many separate fans the girls each have. But we’ll see. Ooooh we’ll see.

I disagree with Gerry that whoever goes up against them is “dead” as he so eloquently put it. Many feel that the girls don’t do that much around the house, except squeal occasionally and flop over Liam in the pool. But they do bring a certain delight and happiness to the house. They’re usually the first to diffuse arguments, check if others are okay and try to settle disputes.

Sure, there are many housemates who’d not be able to beat the (pink) ladies (Carole, Amy – maybe even Liam at this rate after Amy-gate) but I wonder what would happen if it was Samanda v Tracey. Or Samanda v Brian even.

See? That’s what we’ve missed on this year’s BB. Back in the good old days you’d get shock evictions and eviction couplings where you genuinely didn’t know who’d go. The vote would be close and you’d be utterly shocked at the result. But as the years have gone by at the producers have gained more and more control over the show, the evictions and the general ‘story’ of BB has become more predictable.

I’ve predicted every eviction this year. I don’t even know why I bother watching any more of a Friday. I suppose they assert this control because they don’t want another BB4. But was BB4 really that bad? At least back then, it seemed like the public really had their say. This year, the number of twists and turns BB has pulled to suit the producer’s needs has been more transparent than ever. And it’s booooorrrrring. If I wanted to watch a daily soap, I’d watch Eastenders (and I do). I liked BB when it felt like the viewers were the stage manager, not some spotty oik with wonky hair and ‘media’ spectacles.

PS: Carole: Go stuff yerself.

PPS: Oh, on the BB website at the moment they have interviews with Adele and Alex from BB3. Hmmm, wonder which past housemates are due to make a ‘shock’ re-appearance then… *rolls eyes*

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