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Jeremy Clarkson in actually quite funny shocker

July 26, 2007

Anyone see Top Gear Polar Special last night (BBC2, 8pm)? I’m probably the last person who’d like this sort of thing (I hate Jeremy Clarkson and his arrogance) but I just loved this. It was really funny, really entertaining but also really interesting.

How easy is it for three unfit, middle-aged men to trek to the North Pole? Obviously, with their jeep thingo (you can tell I don’t watch TG for the cars) Jez and James were sure they’d out-run Hammond and his huskies. And they did. By miles. But actually it wasn’t that easy for the two. Along the way, Jeremy got a bolt stuck to his lips, holding it in his mouth when the wheels got wrecked on the ice, the two also got stuck many times and had to chainsaw themselves and their jeepy thing out. They also nearly sunk their jeepy thing because the ice was too thin.

Meanwhile Hammond got deluded because he was so tired, having to trek day and night. At one stage he informed the camera that he couldn’t even count to ten (although I was sure this might have been a delayed reaction to his near-fatal car accident).

As the credits rolled, the entire production team were called “Sir Ranulph” before their surnames. Hilarious.

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