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The ultimate embarrassing mother

July 20, 2007

When I was a teenager my mum was the most embarrassing thing in my life. She’d turn up to parties to pick me up (early!), she’d buy me god-awful clothes that I wouldn’t be seen dead in, she’d show my friends my baby photos when they came over and told them about the time I weed myself in Sainsbusy’s (I *was* 5 at the time, to be fair).

But she was nowhere near as embarrassing as the Neo-Nazi mother in Nazi Pop Twins (CH4, last night). Jesus, imagine you’re in a Neo-Nazi – sorry, white power – pop band and your mum not only comes to all your gigs, but also starts ranting and raving about immigration while you’re there? *Cringe*

Seriously though, I felt terrible for those girls. Just like those crazy loons who bring their kids up to believe that God hates fags (I’m sure I blogged about them but for the life of me can’t find it), the girls had been brain washed from early childhoods to believe that white is right, just because their mum was almost raped by a black man when she was younger. Of course, the mother was suffering mental health problems because of this and had clearly never been treated, but she was passing these on to her kids (I’m sure the the baby’s first words were something like “white is right” – chilling).

You can dress it up as having pride in your heritage all you like, but the moment you start marketing your daughters’ pop band with nu-rave-style Hitler t-shirts, you’re placing your feet firmly in Nazi territory, my dear. That Nazi-ism is being dressed up in a sexy blond double-act is dangerous – it makes it look fun, sexy and harmless.

The girls expressed their discomfort with their mother’s views throughout the documentary, and their grandmother told the makers in secret that she was trying to provide them with an escape route. I sat watching, waiting for them to have a showdown with their mum and tell them how they felt. But it never came, and that was very sad. The brainwashing and mental abuse they’d suffered (and their natural loyalty to their mother) meant that these girls were destined to live a life of puppetry and mouthpieces for their mother’s disgusting views. It was clear that any kind of up-rising wasn’t to be. And this was confirmed at the end of the documentary, where we were told that the girls would be touring Europe this year… I really felt for them.

I love you Mum xx

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  1. July 20, 2007 1:33 pm

    One of the most revealing bits was when the mum seemed to forget she was still mic’ed up, pulled one of the girls aside and said: “The cameras are only here for another hour – just look happy till then and then you can be as much as a c**t as you like for the rest of the night.”


    But I reckon the girls will “escape.” Their new songs are nothing to do with BNP-style shite and they just look embarrassed about it when hanging out with their real friends. Much more so than on that Louis Theroux program from a few years ago. Once they hit 18 they can do what they want…

  2. Badger Madge permalink
    July 20, 2007 1:37 pm

    Yeah I was shocked at the c*nt remark. Just goes to show the kind of mother she is if she’ll say that kind of thing around them – actually, I don’t know why I was so surprised! This woman fills their heads with racist driel day in, day out – of course she’s going to have a fairly lose moral on the language they learn from her…

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