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Harry Potter RIP (this is not a spoiler, merely mourning the loss of the series)

July 20, 2007

In the pub last weekend a friend and I were arranging when we were going to get our copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The only time I’ve gone at midnight was for the Half-Blood Prince and that was only because Mr Badger and I happened to get back home from a day trip at around that time. We figured we may as well get it then and there rather than trek into town the next day. So it’s not as if I’m a madly obsessed fan who’s queued every time nor nuffink. No siree… (I don’t have a Hedwig who I’m bringing with me tonight, oh no).

But it seemed natural to arrange to go at midnight this time. My friend was very excited and even wanted to have dinner first, “Oh, go on,” she said. “It’s the last time after all.”

And it was then that it all hit home for me. For eight years (I came into the series a bit late), I’ve been following the books, critiquing the films and trying to get my head around the rules to Quidditch. I can’t believe it’s all about to end. I feel a mixture of incredible sadness, extreme anticipation and glee. And to all those who scoff at it, arguing that it’s a kids’ book, and why is a 26-year-old deigning to read such drivel, I have one thing to say: Lord Of The Rings. OK, two things: Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars. Oh, and Narnia (so that’s three).

For years, kids books have enchanted adults too and I see no shame in reading and enjoying Rowling’s classics. If it weren’t for her, my dyslexic 29-year-old brother wouldn’t have got back into reading. For years, he just didn’t read. Then Harry Potter came along, and they got him back into it. And yes, the first two books might not exactly be The Dubliners or Pride And Prejudice, but the rest *are* very well written. You’ve got to respect Rowling for creating such a wealthy world of creatures (and yes, I know she’s been influenced by some of those above, but hey, no ideas are totally original).

Although I can’t wait for tonight’s escapade to Waterstones, part of me will be lagging slightly as I don’t want it to end. Yes, we’ve still three films to go (yay!) but the books will be no more. And although I’m mourning the loss, part of me doesn’t want any more book after this one either. It would just be milking it IMO. So altogether a very mixed up state of emotions today!

Memories of Potter
Reading the first two in Conwy: my ex and I had gone to stay with his cousins just before we got our A Level results. They spent the whole time playing guitars, and I spent the whole time reading Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber. Then I got my A Level results and they weren’t good…
Finishing Goblet on the loo in a room in Trinity College, Dublin: My mum and I were on holiday and I was glued to the book the whole time.
Writing an assessed essay on the first four books as part of my English degree: I was doing a module on Narratives, and answered the question, “Love, Religion, Conflict: these are engines that drive all great narratives. Discuss.” We could choose any books to write on, so I chose the first four. Because of this, my (eccentric) tutor had to read them too – and he *loved* them!
Queuing up for Half-Blood Prince at midnight last time: Lots of kids, lots of geek fan-boys, and a great atmosphere all-round!

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  1. Rich permalink
    July 20, 2007 4:13 pm

    For a start, as you know, I don’t understand why adults get all worked up about it. But why go and queue at midnight? It’ll still be there in the morning. Are you going to start it tonight and not put it down until you finish?

    Some of the music I like attracts a certain type of geek but I’d run a mile rather than go anywhere near them.

    I like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but I don’t go round dressed as Willy Wonka. And if I did I’d probably get my head kicked in.

    Each to their own I suppose…..

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