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BB’s last chance

July 19, 2007

Totally fed up with The Big Brother Charley Show. I can’t believe BB think she’s good telly. I actually time my toilet breaks for when she’s on camera. Yes, I’d rather watch that annoying bint on the Halifax advert sining and jiggling her wobbly bits, than watch that Chipmunk-faced loon spout any more of her drivel. I’m appalled at their obvious favouritism. Yes, they’ve had their faves every year, and have edited the highlights program to suit whichever housemate they want to win. But it’s never been as blatant as this year. I’m angry and disappointed – but I’m more angry with myself for not turning the TV off. I’m hooked now – I can’t wait for her real eviction, where the viewers will finally be satisfied and can get on with BB proper. If BB pull another trick to ensure Charley stays next week, then I’m turning off.

Kudos to Brian for keeping cool (okay, tepid) last night while she did her best to wind him up. I can’t believe BB let her manipulate him into that level of anger. Any other housemate at any other time in BB history would have been hauled into the diary room and given a right dressing down. But noooo. Because it’s BB money-spinner Charley, it’s okay. So for this reason please everyone: Brian to win – the man has the patience of a saint.

I know there are folks out there who think he’s putting it on, but I just don’t believe it. No one can keep an act up for that long – look at that ‘professional’ actress they got in to play Pauline. She couldn’t even keep that act up for a matter of days (and remember she had a private place in which to cool off and get it together) let alone the number of weeks we’ve had so far.

No, Brian is as Brian does. I actually don’t think he’s that thick either. He’s eloquent and outgoing – he just happens to have a voice that makes him sound like a four-year-old. But he’s great and I have become more and more endeared to him as the weeks have gone by. He handled Charley really well last night, and sat in the diary room having a bit of a cry before entertaining the others in the party room with his one-man band show. I think my favourite Brian bit so far (and what cemented him as my current fave) was his chat with BB about BB getting older. He was so sweet and sensible. Bless him.

Brian to win!

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