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Will the insensitivity never end?

July 17, 2007

Another morning, another GMTV gaff. This time I think it was the Beautiful Kate Garroway(TM) who, when talking to three sisters who’d booked in for hysterectomies because they have a gene that gives them a 50% chance of getting ovarian cancer (or something), said to them: “Well, you’ve just under a week to go until you’re all lying on the surgeon’s table…” and then looked at them pityingly.

Thanks for that Kate. Most helpful. Luckily Andrew stepped in to lighten the load with a quip about them having a lovely time in London while they’re here. Yes. Until that is, they have major surgery and have to lie in bed for a good few weeks, unable to even lift a cup of tea they’re in such pain. Aside from that, I’m sure they’ll be raving it up at G.A.Y most nights… Tsk.

Of course, I shouldn’t be so peeved. I should know by now from this, and this and this – oh, and then there was this – that GMTV *is* going to piss me off of a morning. But I just can’t help it. It’s as if I enjoy the bile it creates. It’s certainly the only thing that still keeps me yelling at the telly these days.

That and Charley from BB (who is clearly deluded and believes her own hype. I’m almost to the end of my tether with the producers turning this year’s BB into The Charley Show. The sooner that face-clawingly annoying bint is gone, the better).

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  1. Swineshead permalink
    July 18, 2007 7:28 am

    Charley’s already been in talks with John Noel, the PR agent. This is before she’s even left the house. She was coached before she returned to the house after the fake evicition and told what was going to happen. Everything is being done within C4’s power to keep her in. It’s all rather unfair.

  2. Badger Madge permalink
    July 18, 2007 8:16 am

    Bloody hell, everyone’s with John Noel – I’M with feckin John Noel!

    Yes it does all reek of a fix – the whole fake eviction meant that Charley haters could ‘evict’ her and get their boos in and then BB could just stick her back in for more boring, self-indulgent, self-obsessed rantings. I’m sick of it.

    Loved last night’s piss take of her… I’m Bath’s It Girl Badger Madge, doncha know

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