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BB apathy strikes again

July 12, 2007

Very apathetic about Big Brother at the moment. Firstly this fake eviction thing. Granted it’ll be great if the evictee lets rip about their fellow housemates but ultimately, it just seems like another bid by producers to keep Charley in the house. OK, they didn’t know for sure that she’d be up, but some on… It doesn’t take a genius to work out who’d be up this week (indeed, Charley and Nicky both worked out that it was obvious last night). Incidentally, I loved Charley’s “I don’t care,” bollocks about her nomination and then told the rest of the group they’d stabbed her in the back. Happens every year, never fails to amuse.

Not that I ever vote, but I urge my thousands of readers (fnar) not to vote. It’s just a waste and smacks of the time Nikki was let back in so she could get fondled by Pete.

The rest of ‘fake week’ was just as much of a let down. What potentially could jhave been great drama, turned into a farce when BB chose a British actress (who’s crap Ozzie accent kept slipping and who kept using British slang – AND said she doesn’t follow British soaps: duh!) to play Pauline, a housemate from Ozzie BB. She might have been OK if they’d let her do her own thing, maybe have a flirt with Ziggy, maybe stir it up a bit with Charley, but no. They got her to do stupid things like say she could read people’s left overs, kind of like tea leaves, and do chanting in the garden.

The whole thing brought the purpose of Big Brother this year into full perspective. While most housemates have no qualms about admitting they went into the house to forge a ‘celebrity’ career, for ‘Pauline’ Big Brother is literally one huge audition. Shame she was so crap, then, eh?

And THEN they told Brian the truth! What? Why?! Granted, seeing him try and catch her out with his talk of Eastenders and Hollyoaks (or Ollyoaks as ‘Pauline’ thought he said – the girl should be given an Oscar) was quite funny. But I didn’t see the point in letting it slip. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t heard rumours anyway so it wasn’t that much of a shock, really. Far better for them to have chosen an actress who can do an Australian accent (or better and Australian actress) and then no one would have been any the wiser.

Here’s hoping we can get this stupid fake week out of the way and then back to the ups and downs (or downs and scraping the bottom of the barrel) of house life next week. And when will they reveal the secret rooms the twins apparently found in the first night?

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