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Who’s bovered? Me, actually

July 4, 2007

Er… Catherine Tate? Really? You’re fecking kidding me, right RTD? Seriously, this has to be some kind if horrible, evil joke on your part, right? Right? No?

Who in their right mind would cast the shouts-all-her-lines, thinks-she’s-way-funnier-than-she-is, strangely-plastic-faced Tate over such wondrousnous that is Carey Mulligan.

Why not see for yourself, Russ in BMTV’s own companion audition! *insert jingly music here*

First Mulligan, playing Sally Sparrow in Blink. A very natural, understated, subtle performance I think you’ll agree yes?

And now Tate (you might want some ear plugs for the shouty bits).

Sorry, but I just can’t take her character seriously. I keep expecting her to come out with “What a facking liberty,” any minute. It’s just not on. It won’t do. No.

And get this, she’s not just on the show for a few episodes, oh no. We’re going to have endure this for all of series four. That’s something like 13 (or maybe 14) episodes. I don’t think I can handle that.

You can say what you like about RTD (oh, and haven’t I just?!) but you can’t argue the fact that the man is seriously good at the old PR stunt. He’s an absolute dab hand at getting Who in the press, and this is no exception. But is it the best for the series as a whole? Sure, more people will tune in the more names you can get in the papers, but will it be to the detriment of the show? I really hope not. Here’s hoping I can get used to the news before next spring. And maybe by then Tate will have learned to act and not shout…

Come back Martha all is forgiven!

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  1. GBINKS permalink
    July 4, 2007 9:48 am

    I disagree, I think it’s a great choice…and no I’m not kidding. The net is full of forums brimming to the gills with people complaining about this casting. Forums full of sickening vitriol and HATE. Seriously, some people out there are in need of help. And what do they base this barrage of ill-will on? They base it on the fact that they can’t seperate Catherine Tates persona as a “catchphrase comedian” from her persona as an actress. They seem think that during a tense Who moment she’ll turn to the camera, give a wink and come out with a funny line. Oh, and I don’t think that there’s any groundsfor complaint based on her part in TRB. I remember reading positive review after positive review of her role in that. But people do LOVE jumping on the whingeing bandwagon don’t they.
    I for one am glad that the good Dr is going to get an older, more mature companion for once. I’ve had enough of all the twittery young women that he’s been dragging around for years. Just for once lets see what happens when “Who” leaves the safety of its own comfort zone. You never know, it might be fun.

  2. Clair permalink
    July 4, 2007 10:03 am

    I can’t face the bickering in space for a whole series. One was enough, it was fun, but no.

  3. Badger Madge permalink
    July 4, 2007 10:03 am

    But surely having that feeling that she’s going to turn to the camera with one of her catchphrases a) kinda ruins the monent. b) proves that Tate *is* a one-trick pony. If viewers can’t separate her from her characters, it means that she’s not å good enough actress to suspend our disbelief. The onus is on her as an ‘actress’ to provide a convincing performance: it’s not the viewers fault if we’re not convinced…

  4. Badger Madge permalink
    July 4, 2007 10:05 am

    Clair: Agreed. She was OK for a one-ff. I liked the one-liners and the sarcasm. But I don’t even think the Doc would put up with that for too long! He has an ego too you know…

    Plus if you look at the options on offer (Dr Tom from the final ep last week, Sally Sparrow, Capt. Jack…)it’s frustrating that he’s chosen Tate. It smacks of publicity stunt and not something I’d want Who gambled on.

  5. July 4, 2007 11:30 am

    It’s a weird choice certainly, but I think Tate is a much better actress than many give credit for. (That’s what she trained as too.)

    Besides, RTD is hardly known for his subtlety when it comes to performances… I didn’t expect John Simm to be gurning like a pantomime villain. If he rein in his temptation to have people SHOUTING A LOT and continually making not particularly witty comments, it might be okay.

  6. Clair permalink
    July 4, 2007 1:55 pm

    I think Catherine Tate’s character will nicely sidestep the issue of Martha’s unrequited love for the Doc. They’ll be like a married couple who’ve been together for 30 years who hate each other.

    I’m going to the press night of John Simm’s play on Tuesday, so I might be able to collar a few of the parties involved and bend ears. Whether they like it or not!

  7. Badger Madge permalink
    July 4, 2007 2:00 pm

    I agree that for once we’ll have a companion who isn’t in love with the doc. But then do we really want another argumentative, whiney one?
    Clair: let me know any goss you hear!


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